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What illogical, illusionary decisions

Sinners make –

For lust’s sake.

– eab,  3/30/09

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SHADOW  [1]    

Who has not heard

Of a shadow, twice the size of a bird?

That soul has never known

Morning sun before it is grown.

– eab, 2/19/2004

[1] Penned after seeing a bird from my office window (Gospel Center), facing South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona.

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The damp dark bark down below

And the wind whipping through above

Make me glad for a fireplace glow

About a hearth with ones I love.

– eab, 1/13/76

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Beautiful day, Lord, beautiful day

May I count my blessings before they go away

Eyes that see and ears that hear

And a heart that’s cleansed from secular fear.

– eab, 1/4/07

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When God sees one leaning a little

Toward what’s right,

He sends a little more

Grace and Gospel light.

– eab, 1/2/08

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The thoughts of the sacred sage

The thesis of the ascending age

The truest right and wrong gage

Are all found on His printed page.

eab, 12/23/10

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Thank God for Redemption’s plan

Which came down this time of year

Giving hope to hopeless man

Caught in trouble and in fear.

– eab, 12/21/06

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