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God made a billion personalities.

A billion?  No, billions multiplied.

God delights in a wide variety,

Uniqueness, superbly supplied.

– eab, 12/6/06

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Heaven sent a covering for all the world last night.

Was it red? Was it orange? (Imagine such a sight. K)

Was it yellow, green, blue? What would these hues do?

Was it purple? Was the covering indigo? No.

Heaven’s cover had all those colors – it was “light.”

– eab, 12/5/06

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Heaven has a way of making things white,

As it did with snow last night.

The ground which it found,

It covered with down.

Heaven has a way of making things white.

– eab, Nov. ‘71

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It takes a lot of pluck,

To seriously try your “luck”

Positioning a hard puck, [1]

Without getting dumb struck.

– You’ll do all that for a buck?

– eab, Nov. ‘05

[1] Written in Kingston, Ontario, – Of course hockey is THE sport of Canada.

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Maps and pictures can’t fully portray

The sounds of darkness, the sights of day

The hills, the valleys, the mountains beyond

Scenes of homeland of which one is fond.

– eab, 11/15/05

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The rocks tumbled, as the mortar crumbled,

As the walls came down.

And what was that, made them fall flat?

Israel with a mighty sound.


– eab, Nov. ‘70

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Clean up a street, a field, a lake;

Mankind can do this “work of art.”

Oh, please make no tragic mistake,

Only Christ can clean up man’s heart.

– eab, 11/10/09

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When folks do the unusual,

Check motivation – it’s crucial.

Motivation gives ‘way the lead,

Why one really did some “good” deed.

– eab, 11/7/07

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The people that lie on this cold, cold hill,

In the gray, and groan of November’s chill,

Have lived their lives of good or ill;

And gone to their reward.

– eab, Nov. ‘70

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It is said (semi-sanctimonious nod)

A sport makes a “team player.”

When the man often close to God

Is a solitary, lonely, pray-er.

– eab, 10/3/11

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