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666 – many are aware of these 3 NUMBERS: some through church, some through hollywood

A hexagram is a strong witchcraft sign and has 6 points (as does the “star of David” and flag of Israel). If we’d fully guard against the antichrist there are two other items.

Eight times (Rev 13.16-17, 14.9 & 11, 15.2, 16.2, 19.20, 20.4) Christ warns us about a MARK connected to the antichrist. He tells us the mark will be put on the Right hand or Forehead (13.16), will be required to buy/sell (13.17), will bring God’s wrath (14.9-10), and that it’s THE mark of antichrist’s name (14.11).

And again eight times (Rev 13.14-15, 14.9 & 11, 15.2, 16.2, 19.20, 20.4) Christ warns us about an IMAGE associated with the antichrist. Our idea of solid, three dimensional statues may be dated. This image may be two dimensional, as on a screen, or (Are you ready for this?) a hologram, even hologram in the sky! Reminder – no man knows what Christ looks like.

“But I’ve see His ‘picture’.” No, Friend, you have not. Do NOT believe these pictures!!!

– eab, 8/26/16

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Q.  What kind of a society would accept, imitate, even honor ACTORS (i.e. unreal)?

A.  A shallow, dying society.

– eab, 4/5/15

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Pastors, presidents (colleges/conferences) & parents who oppose “next to nothing” are lying to youth.

Jews in the OT, Christ’s followers in NT & fairly recent Holiness people were separate from this

decaying world. Hell is the place for liars – that includes lying 21st century church people.

– eab, 3/24/15

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M (Martin) R (Ralph) DeHaan, MD, was born 3/23/1891 in Zeeland, MI. He was the son of Reitze & Johanna Rozema DeHann emigrants from Netherlands. His parents were part of the Reformed Church and his father was a shoe maker. M R graduated from Zeeland high school (1908) & from University of Illinois College of Medicine, valedictorian (Chicago, 1914).

Not only did he get his MD in 1914, he got a “Mrs” that year as well, the former Priscilla Venhiuszen. He was pleased to be able (as a doctor) to deliver all four of their children. After being converted to Christ in 1921 (he had sensed his need of God at 12 but was not Born Again until after a serious illness when he promised God, “Spare my life & I’ll serve You”) he became a minister. Now he was privileged to perform the marriage ceremony for all four children – a real honor to any preacher-dad.

After returning to school (Western Theological Seminary) M R pastored more than one church. He was influenced to accept premillennialism by the Scofield Bible, Harry Ironside  *  (& others) straining his relationship with the Reformed but his rejection of infant baptism closed the door. Following this break he started that for which he is most remembered, Radio Bible Class (27 years). He died 12/13/1965.

* Being thankful for any good done, this post is not full approval of DeHaan, Scofield, or Ironsides.

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The elevator knows no purgatory. It will take you up. It will take you down.

The last thing you want is to be “stuck” in an elevator. 😦

A-N-D the last thing you want is to be stuck (when dying) with the LIE of purgatory.

– eab, 3/19/15

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There is coming a day when

               All we have known,

               All we have grown,

               All we have sown,

Will be instantly sealed in place.

By His mercy

               We shall rise,

               Through His receding skies, 

               Having said our last “good byes,”

To meet, the first time, our Savior face to face.

O Earth

               This land of trials and tears,

               This realm of sorrows and fears,

               This time of gossip and sneers,

Will forever slip down – down, out, and away.

And forever

               We will be privileged to be,                               

               With Him “who died for me,”

               And His glory we shall see,

In His land of light, love, and endless day!

– eab,  3/19/08                  

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Edward Irving on 3/15/1833 was removed from the Presbyterian ministry. Two reasons were given – one, was his Pentecostalism. He founded a church, “The Holy Apostolic” or “The Catholic Apostolic.”  Irving came across a book written by a Jesuit, Manuel Lacunza The Coming of the Messiah in Glory & Majesty (under the name Rabbi Juan ben-Ezra, an assumed Jew who became a “Christian”). Irving, an intellectual, liked Lacunza’s book & sadly translated it into English.

Irving studied end-times & declared there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit & then Jesus would return. He also believed the Jews would be returned to Israel. He believed the return of Christ was imminent & set a date. Some of the women of his church began “speaking in tongues.” Margaret MacDonald, prophesied “there will be a mighty baptism of the Spirit this day” & contributed to the imminent or “secret rapture” theory. (Strictly speaking this theory “requires” Jesus to come twice more.)

Irving is noted here in a negative way; that we see this mistaken man was one of the polluted creeks through which the American church received the idea of a “secret rapture.” (John Darby was another creek with his influence on Scofield & Scofield’s “study bible.”) Christ WILL return & may come in our life time but “thief in the night” has been misused – please re-read Peter and Paul noting the noises that will accompany the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Presbyterians did right to show Irving the door.

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The carnal soul wants:

Carnal pleasures

Carnal entertainments & a

Carnal church – – – And – – – It GETS a Carnal eternity.

– eab, 3/7/10

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“If there be no Providence

there will be no future judgment.”

– Isaac Watts, from his book Logic

>> One of the main “reasons” man created evolution. <<

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There has always been (NT & since) a line between believers & the state. God & “Caesar” are not partners.

It’s a mistaken mind which seeks to erase that line. 

No Christian Entity needs (or should desire) the approval of a state. 

State – “christian” coalitions can be dangerous. 

– 2/26/15    #eabit

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