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Edward Irving on 3/15/1833 was removed from the Presbyterian ministry. Two reasons were given – one, was his Pentecostalism. He founded a church, “The Holy Apostolic” or “The Catholic Apostolic.”  Irving came across a book written by a Jesuit, Manuel Lacunza The Coming of the Messiah in Glory & Majesty (under the name Rabbi Juan ben-Ezra, an assumed Jew who became a “Christian”). Irving, an intellectual, liked Lacunza’s book & sadly translated it into English.

Irving studied end-times & declared there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit & then Jesus would return. He also believed the Jews would be returned to Israel. He believed the return of Christ was imminent & set a date. Some of the women of his church began “speaking in tongues.” Margaret MacDonald, prophesied “there will be a mighty baptism of the Spirit this day” & contributed to the imminent or “secret rapture” theory. (Strictly speaking this theory “requires” Jesus to come twice more.)

Irving is noted here in a negative way; that we see this mistaken man was one of the polluted creeks through which the American church received the idea of a “secret rapture.” (John Darby was another creek with his influence on Scofield & Scofield’s “study bible.”) Christ WILL return & may come in our life time but “thief in the night” has been misused – please re-read Peter and Paul noting the noises that will accompany the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Presbyterians did right to show Irving the door.

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When your “doctored” physical appearance,

or your culture/cultic clothing,

or your arrogant behavior, draws the attention, Christ is not glorified.

– eab, 9/27/14

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“…The Roman system encouraged [senses] with its appeal to formulas,

rituals, architecture, artwork, vestments, mystical sounds, candles…

John A Bjorlik, from “The Berean Call”

>> Sadly, some of this is coming into some non-catholic churches – stop it or get out <<

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Are you willing to die for Truth? (Not be an idle question.)

Be searching a good old Bible, Be obeying Jesus’ teachings. “Buy the truth & sell it not…” (Pro 23.23).

Friend, don’t let a day of testing find you out of victory,

lacking that VITAL love connection with Truth, i.e. Christ.

– eab, 2/18/15

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Dante Alighieri on 3/10/1302 was sentenced to burn to death (for political reasons).  The firey death was sidestepped when he was exiled instead – this gave him his Life but not his Wife – he was never to see her again. Dante was born in Florence in May 1265 & died in Ravenna September 13, 1321.  In between these “life covers” he was educated, married, fathered 3 children, was very active in religious-political actions of day and wrote his famous Divine Comedy.  This work was written after this exile date. 

Italy’s best known poet divided his book into three sections Paradiso (paradise), Purgatorio (purgatory), & Inferno (hell).  Literature majors (my BA is in Lit.) may want to read the entire work as I have.  Others need not worry with the first two sections but probably every minister should read his concept (purely that) of hell with its concentric circles going deeper & deeper.

I could hope that Dante Alighieri is in paradise.  I could equally hope he is not in an inferno; I wish no man a future in that awful place (whether it approximates his imagination or not). What I do know is that Dante is NOT in purgatory.  There is no such place found in the Bible. It is a lie of the worst proportions – to give dying men a false hope which they will not know is a lie until it is too late.

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Tattoos advertise to all –

the wearer is DESPERATE for identity

(& attention).

– eab, 8/4/14

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“Learn to say, No.

It will be of more use to you than to be able to read Latin.”

– Charles Spurgeon

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Lettie Burd was born 3/3/1870, to Isaac & Margaret Burd, Afton,IA. Isaac was a banker, the home reflected culture & wealth, & their last child, Lettie became a talented, delightful teenager. When she was 14 a Western Union Telegraph operator Charles Cowman, age 16, entered her life. Her parents didn’t approve of the friendship & when Charles was transferred by WUT they were relieved. But he returned with 5 solid WUT yrs. experience & as manager of their Glenwood Springs, CO office. They were married 6/18/1889.

They came back to Chicago & he advanced with Western Union. Lettie after some time was converted to Christ in a ME church.  Charles was impressed with her immediate life change but didn’t have interest himself. Later he was redeemed & the distance he’d felt between their conversions became a happy, holy reunion. They once went to Moody Church & as A B Simpson made appeals Charles turned to Lettie, “This means you & me.” They briefly attended God’s Bible School (Cincinnati) & sailed for Japan in 1901.

Along with Juji Nakada & E A Kilbourne they organized Oriental Missionary Society (1907).  Charles died in 1924, Kilbourne in 1928, & Lettie carried on the work until 1949. Her Streams in the Desert (first published in ’25) has been translated into 15 languages, passing 3,000,000 in sales. The attractive banker’s daughter (she said “In a sense Charles was my savior, he saved me from a life of wealth, leisure & plenty”) gave the world a view of her greater, bigger Savior via her famous devotional text. She died 4/17/1960.

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“Humility seeks not the last word

not the first place.”

            – William Penn, from his Fruits of a Father’s Love

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The Triune God is Creator.  The devil is an imitator – but he’s learned about human “spiritual pride.” 

Once pastor & people have decided to take the easy, Broadway,

satan can supply an imitation “spirit” making them think it’s the Holy Spirit – super dangerous! 

Self-deception is damning.

– eab, 2/27/15

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