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“If plain sense makes good sense,

any other sense,

is nonsense.”

– T W Comadoll (related by John Whiteman)

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Prophets of old weren’t known for their jokes;

Jokers were found on the stage.

Pastors and other ministerial folks,

Have changed this in “modern” age.

Elijah was not joking when God’s fire fell,

Consuming fifty-one men.

Nor had he humor confronting the king,

Or other men in deep sin.

– eab,  4/10/07

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“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and

when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and

thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

Mat 6.6

>> For some the “closet” may have 4 wheels instead of 4 walls J <<

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“I expect to change world’s [ at time of death] but

I’m not going to change crowds.”

– Truman Wise

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The desire to be holy WILL replace the desire to be worldly OR

The desire to be worldly WILL replace the desire to be holy.

– eab, 3/26/15

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Do not try to “improve” on preaching with lights, camera, drama.

If preaching is Holy Ghost anointed it CANNOT be improved.

“…it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save…” 1Co 1.21

The Blessed, Triune God-Head can do more in a few seconds

than all the “Hollywood wannabes” can do in a life-time.

– eab, 3/22/15

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There is coming a day when

               All we have known,

               All we have grown,

               All we have sown,

Will be instantly sealed in place.

By His mercy

               We shall rise,

               Through His receding skies, 

               Having said our last “good byes,”

To meet, the first time, our Savior face to face.

O Earth

               This land of trials and tears,

               This realm of sorrows and fears,

               This time of gossip and sneers,

Will forever slip down – down, out, and away.

And forever

               We will be privileged to be,                               

               With Him “who died for me,”

               And His glory we shall see,

In His land of light, love, and endless day!

– eab,  3/19/08                  

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“Fear is the darkroom

in which negatives are developed.”

– seen on a marquee, 7/23/87

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Young “Joe” had a dream – make that two;

They seemed to come “out of the blue.”

Though often “let down”

He eventually found

His leadership dreams ALL came true.

– eab,  3/3/05         (Gen 37.9)

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Edward Irving on 3/15/1833 was removed from the Presbyterian ministry. Two reasons were given – one, was his Pentecostalism. He founded a church, “The Holy Apostolic” or “The Catholic Apostolic.”  Irving came across a book written by a Jesuit, Manuel Lacunza The Coming of the Messiah in Glory & Majesty (under the name Rabbi Juan ben-Ezra, an assumed Jew who became a “Christian”). Irving, an intellectual, liked Lacunza’s book & sadly translated it into English.

Irving studied end-times & declared there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit & then Jesus would return. He also believed the Jews would be returned to Israel. He believed the return of Christ was imminent & set a date. Some of the women of his church began “speaking in tongues.” Margaret MacDonald, prophesied “there will be a mighty baptism of the Spirit this day” & contributed to the imminent or “secret rapture” theory. (Strictly speaking this theory “requires” Jesus to come twice more.)

Irving is noted here in a negative way; that we see this mistaken man was one of the polluted creeks through which the American church received the idea of a “secret rapture.” (John Darby was another creek with his influence on Scofield & Scofield’s “study bible.”) Christ WILL return & may come in our life time but “thief in the night” has been misused – please re-read Peter and Paul noting the noises that will accompany the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Presbyterians did right to show Irving the door.

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