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H Robb French was born 12/26/1891 at Denver, CO.  He attended Trevecca College and married Geraldine Trusler, June 23, 1919.  He (with others) founded Sea Breeze Camp (1946) and co-founded Inter-Church Holiness Convention (1952).  He wrote the songs “I Don’t Care What Church You Belong To” “There’s More With Us Than Be With Them” and two books The Revival Secret (1934), Sea Breezes (1971). This, the greatest man I have ever known, died 1/24/1985.

   One of his poems:

A fool went out to look about

And then began to figure,

“My barns are full, I’ll have to pull

Them down and build some bigger.”

   God said, “This night thy soul takes flight;

   Then whose shall these things be?

   You’ve for self and earthly pelf –

   You forgot eternity!”

Now, as a rule, we play the fool

And strive for earthly pleasure;

With selfish greed, for more than we need,

We live for earthly treasure.

   You may be rich as the fabled witch

   Who turned the stones to gold

   But when death calls you’ll leave it all –

   Not a cent can your dead hands hold. 

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Salt sand.

Surf-sounded, soft, solid sand.

Sun splashed, sodium-seasoned sand.

Shifting, sifting, smooth, stable shore-sand

Swirling, stinging, swift-stabbing, shining, shaping, swinging, swimming sand.

Most nearly everlasting universal fragment of earth.

Sea-scouring, several sided,



– eab, July 1970

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God is a majestic Artist in miles of mountain lands,

God is a marvelous Artist in pebbles or fine “beachy” sands,

God is a magnificent Artist in old, virgin, towering stands.

Artistry – He defines it, whatever He has in His hands.

– eab, 9/15/06

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Everyone in Adam’s clan,

Yes, all, down to the last man,

Are dead, dying, soon will be –

On hill, on beach, on vast sea.

Outrun death? – don’t think you can.

– eab, 8/26/09

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Hurrying toward the grave,

Whether mad master or sad slave,

Whether honest knight or sneaky knave,

Whether cringing coward or “bad” brave,

Whether home is dry castle or damp cave,

Whether silly Sally or somber, silent Dave,

Whether hurrying on earth or on wild wave,

Whether the one who took or the one who gave,

Only CHRIST can save

From what is beyond the grave!

 – eab, 3/12/09

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Christ is the Answer.


– Was on the Galilean shore.


– Was  b – e – f – o – r – e


Will be forevermore !!!


– eab, 12/17/11

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Hans Poulsen Egede (ā’ gu dĕ) was born this date, 1/31/1686, at Hinnøya in Harstad, Norway, hundreds of miles north of the Artice Circle.  After being educated by his Lutheran uncle and at the University of Copenhagen (earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology) he returned home.  In April 1707 he was ordained and in the same year married Gertrud Rask (maybe Rasch) 13 years older than him, to whom were born two sons and two daughters. 


In 1721 he sought permission from Frederick IV of Denmark to search for a colony in Greenland and establish a mission there.  He departed from Bergen on 5/12/1721 reaching Greenland July 3rd.  Egede found the Inuit people, started mission among them and studied their language.  In translating the Lord’s Prayer (since they had no word for bread) he saw the equivalent as “Give us this day our daily harbor seal.”


Hans Egede left his son Paul in Greenland and traveled on August 9, 1736 with his other children to Denmark, to become principal of a Copenhagen seminary that trained missionaries for service to Greenland.


Of interest are at least two more facts:

He founded Godthåb Nuuk in today’s world which became the capital of Greenland.

And he gave one of the oldest descriptions of a sea serpent.


Egede died 11/5/1758 at Falster, Denmark.

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Thank You Lord for sharing your world with me,

Like the sight and sound of a peaceful sea,

The structure and smell of an evergreen tree,

Thank You Lord for sharing your world with me. 

                – eab, Nov  ‘73

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You’ve never seen such a sound ship.

Not one direction did Noah skip. *

Three hundred cubits long,

Three storied made it strong,

This first had no “christening slip.” **

Gen 6-8

– eab, 4/2/05     

* Noah, the first “skipper,” skipped nothing.  🙂

** Noah’s ark did not go to the water, the water came to it.

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Our Lord is God

of all below the sod,

Every worm, every bug,

beneath earth’s grand “rug.”

Every rodent in

his burrowed or borrowed den,

Every fleck of gold,

still hidden, still unsold,

Every diamond in the rough,

with angles enough,

Every pricy stone,

or coal in its black zone,

Every pool or stream of oil,

miles or meters below soil,

Every vein of water for living,

recycled, recently giving,

Every know (or unknown) cave,

dry or sloshed by wave,

Every Carlsbad-like cavern,

unlit by tiny lantern,

Every volcano ready to spout

smoke and cinder out, 

Every hot spot waiting to blow.

He’s God of all below!

                – eab,7/10/09

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