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Fox grass bending under gentle, windy strokes,

Snow bank patches left on eastern side of slopes,

Early grass growing on the valley wall beyond,

Horizontal streaks set ablaze by the sun,

Unleafed apple trees file up the hill abreast.

A honey bee in strip’d array is out searching for the rest

A variegated heaven is peeking past the tail’s of mares,

As silhouetted birds claimed the world as theirs. 

– eab, Apr. ’71

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April showers bring May flowers,

For June brides, with July dream towers.


April showers can be seen,

Mother nature’s time to clean.


The April shower, like cauliflower, may

Come fresh – or frozen – as it did yesterday.    

– eab,      Apr. ’66

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The world is turning green,

Spring has come of age.

It can readily be seen,

The world is turning green.

With every Jack and Jean

In “cupid’s” strong cage.

The world is turning green,

Spring has come of age.

– eab,      Apr. ’66

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The grand Lord knew, after the white and the blue,

Of the cold, crisp fortnights of chill,

After stark star lights and short day sights,

And iced over bridges at the bottom of the hill,

After sleet’s solid rain and the snow flakes again,

And the humdrum of life in confinement;

That man needed to sing – he needed spring –

The Lord’s annual, perfection of refinement.    

– eab, 3/29/80

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The sun had heated the wrinkled skin

And precious warmth instilled within,

                With seemingly no outward result.

But inside the movement of sap

Permeated the cells (as roads a map)

                It was the renewed sunshine’s “fault.”



The sap came up from the deepest root

To the farthest, round, diminishing shoot,

                In action and time like each spring.

Running by day, and stopping by night,

Then, again continuing its insistent flight,

                To the tune that the robins sing.



Then at last appeared the bud, deep red,

On the tree that last winter looked so dead;

                But now it stands, awake from its nap.

On upper branches the buds opened wide,

Revealing the tender green hid inside,

                Oh, the wonderful power of the sap.               

  – eab, Apr. ‘66

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Translation Trouble – Act 12.4

AV “And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.”

NKJV  – So when he had arrested him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four squads soldiers to keep him; intending to bring him out before the people after Passover.

According to the critics, “Easter” is a

mistranslation, because the Greek word

is “pascha.”  It is translated “Passover”

twenty-eight times in the New Testament

and it should (in their opinion) be

translated so here.  


It should NOT be translated “passover” –

Passover had already passed (“days of

unleavened bread” had begun [vs 3]

which means the Passover was over

[Num. 28.16-18; Exo. 12.13-18].)  

The Passover was always the fourteenth

day of the first month – the days of

unleavened bread ran from the

fifteenth through the twenty-first.

Herod could not have been waiting for

the Passover.  Besides, why would a king

like Herod be concerned about a Jewish

feast day?  


“Easter” is from the pagan “Ishtar,”

a goddess the pagans worshipped

– Rome included.  Herod wanted to

wait until this pagan holiday was

over before bringing Peter to the people.

– (partial credit to James Melton)

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Spring sprung,


Summer sunned


Fall fell


Winter won.


Another year complete,


Where seasons meet.                      

– eab  ’66

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