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Lewis Wallace was born 4/10/1827 at Brooksville, IN (on US 52) the 2nd of 4 sons born to David & Esther French Wallace. His father was a West Point graduate, lawyer & governor of Indiana (1837-1840) &  mother was a daughter of congressman John Test.  Lew left school (at 16), served as a copyist & studied law before going to the Mexican War. In 1849 he was admitted to the bar and served in the Union army in the uncivil war. He was a part of the court which tried those charged with assassinating President Lincoln.

Lew met Susan Arnold Elston, proposed in ’49, & married her 5/6/1852 in Crawfordsville. Susan was the daughter of Isaac Compton & Maria Akin Elston. Isaac was a merchant of means;  Maria had a Quaker (Friends) background. Susan would play a part in her Lew’s conversion. Pres. Hayes appointed him governor of the Territory of New Mexico (1878–81).  It was in Sante Fe that he completed the manscript of Ben Hur.  Pres. Garfield made him Minister to the Ottoman Empire (Constantinople, Turkey 1881–85).

Wallace at one point considered himself an atheist. He gathered material “proof” against the Bible.  Susan believed in the Lord & prayed for him. He realized his error & was converted. He reportedly asked his wife what he could/should do with all the material he’d collected – it provided foundations for Ben Hur, A Tale of the Christ (pub.1880) which was enormously successful.  Lew died in Crawfordsville, IN, 2/15/1905.       

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Charles Wesley was married 4/8/1749, in a small parish church at Llanlleonfel, near Garth, Wales.  His bride was Sarah Gwynne, daughter of Marmaduke & Sarah (Evans) Gwynne. The minister for the ceremony was his brother, John, who had encouraged the wedding.  Sarah (also called Sally – perhaps to distinguish her from her mother) was born in Garth, Powyes, Wales in 1726 (month, day unknown).  She was musically inclined, in fact, performed before King George III.

While a young lady her father, a local magistrate, went on occasion to arrest Howell Harris, a Wesleyan minister.  As Marmaduke listened he liked what he heard, was converted to that view, & brought Harris home.  That was the beginning; years later he entertained two brothers & one of then returned in 1748 to propose.  Her mother had not welcomed Harris to her home but warmed to Charles, her new s-n-law.

Although Charles may not have witnessed a happy marriage as a boy he & Sarah had a good union.  They settled (same year as wed) at 4 Charles St., Bristol & remained there till 1771 (house is preserved as the “Charles Wesley House”).  God blessed them with eight children (only three lived to be adults – too common a happening back then).  She died 12/28/1818 (Charles died in 1788) & was buried beside Charles. 

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“You can fix up the barn & it will pay for the house but

if you fix up the house you won’t have money to fix up the barn.”

Clyde D Bryan (father of Edgar A Bryan)

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Katharina von Bora escaped a monastery  4/4/1523 (also that year on “Easter” eve).  She is thought to have been born at Lippendorf (another town’s also been guessed) on 1/29/1499.  Her parents are thought to have been land owners but there seems less certainty about their names.  She was sent to a Benedictine cloister in 1504 & later her name appears on a provision list at a Cistercian monastery (of all places).

Leonhard Koppe, a merchant & city councilman of Torgua, regularly delivered supplies to this monastery. For him to deliver six barrels of pickled herring the day before “Resurrection Morning” was not unusual.  What WAS unusual was when his wagon (covered) pulled away he had a “six-pack of nuns” in those barrels (some say 12 nuns – number may be correct; I heard 6 years ago).  They came to Wittenberg & Luther, who had helped them escape, found places for them all – all except Katharina 🙂

One tradition has it she mentioned to Luther that he’d encouraged former monks to marry but he hadn’t. (Was this somewhere near a proposal? :))  Another source said she let it be known she would not marry unless it was Martin (or another she named).  Luther decided “his marriage would please his father, rile the pope, cause the angels to laugh, and the devils to weep.”  He married “Katie” (26) 6/13/1525.  They had a loving marriage (6 children) & she helped show other former nuns/monks how to have happy homes.

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When he thougth about Father,

he thought about heaven!”

– Albert Barr, 6/16/1991

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The Christians are right:

it is Pride which has been the chief cause of misery

in every nation and

every family since the world began.”

– C S Lewis, Mere Christianity

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There’s Inconsistency among Christians about forced death. If a friend is pro Abortion you’re tempted to be less friendly. If a friend is PRO WAR you think nothing about it. Why? Both are killings! Both the baby & soldier were forced from earth pre-maturely. The baby goes safely to heaven.  Soldiers are not generally saints (on whichever side) & death plunges many soldiers to hell. Heaven is being populated by ABORTIONS. Hell is being populated by WAR.

Christians, we should oppose both abortion-on-demand A-N-D war

– eab, 9/5/14

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