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“And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.”

Gen 1.23

>>  Ah, there is such SIMPLICITY, such beauty in the Word.  <<


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“And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.”  *

Gen 1.19

*  A LITERAL, 24 hour day – otherwise the Day of Rest (& worship) loses its meaning.

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Praise the Lord this morning,

He who reigns on high.

Who could have been unknown;

Distant, never nigh.

Instead He chose to reveal Himself

In thunder, light, and storm,

In the miraculous, and the norm

In symmetry, structure, and form.

Praise Him – in joyful “sigh.”

– eab,  2/17/06

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Mile stones used to stand near my home,

Numbered on a flat-faced side. [1]

They told travelers how far they had come,

Or, if close to the end of their ride,

And the mile stones never lied.


February marks my own miles,

Marks the years of life since birth,

Fantastic memories fill bulging files,

Mind pictures spectrum, from tears to mirth,

Thank God for my years on earth.

– eab, Feb. ’93

[1] Along US 22 between Somerset & Rushville, OH

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“And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together

of the waters called he Seas:

and God saw that it was good.”

Gen 1.10

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What is the mystery called time?

Where was its place of birth?

Who invited its peel to chime

O’er everyman and wife of earth?

– eab,  2/10/05

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Crossroads –

You can do a 180 and go back where you were

You can turn left, partly warm but “liberal”

You can turn right, partly warm but “legalistic”

You can build a store on the corner, make money & settle down

                              Or, OR You can go on!  

– eab, 3/83

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