Birth of Christ + + +



How difficult it was I cannot say,

But let me put it in this way,

Christ folded and pressed Divinity,

Into the perfect body, of a Baby.


How gigantic the step, who knows?

Glorious robes to swaddling clothes,

Left the heavenly Father, Creator,

For an earthly guardian, a carpenter.


How great the supreme sacrifice!

A warm, warm God – men of ice.

A Baby came. Why? Tell me why?

That a gracious Man might live and die.


He became sin for sinful me.

That I like Him, might sinless be.

He became sin, He became sin,

That I, might sinless be.

– eab, Dec. 1969


Christians should be the most authentic people we know. Without Question! God is real (satan lies) therefore realness appeals to the saint – fakery is abhorrent. I speak of the ideal but, of course, we live in a world where satan (& his ilk) are spreading their lies, their fakes, their tinselry, their imitations, & pretensions everywhere they can find someone fool enough to listen. Hear God. Ignore satan.

– eab, 11/28/17



It really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.

He rules this footstool here below,

From His great big heavenly chair.

He’s in charge of my little life,

My fame and fortune, children and wife,

So it really doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all,

I’m in my Father’s care.

– eab, Dec, ’69



To be a true messenger for the Almighty is not a position to be sought after. It is NOT a position for which one can be “trained.” It is open only to the man who’s schooled by the Holy Spirit, & is to be accepted with utmost solemnity. We’ve known many preachers – probably few Messengers.

– eab, 11/28/17



“Perfection is what God says about Himself, attributes are what man says about God; God is not obligated to live up to these.”

– John F Dorsey, sermon 7/23/98



God loves variety. This love is seen across the face of the earth & in the high heaven above. It is seen among plants & animals. Why would it not be seen in His saints? Dictators, whether they wear a military or a ministerial uniform want uniformity – in order that they can “order” people. God neither needs nor wants such because, unlike the strongest earthly despot, God sees the heart. “O God, help us see this.” 11/25/17



Joh 8. 31

“…If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;”


Every disciple of Christ is on the road of disciple. Many are barely started, some are doing “middling well,” others are greatly advanced. The soul who willingly refuses to be disciplined, will soon backslide. Disciplined = Disciple. Undisciplined = un-disciple.

– eab, 11/18/17



DAILY December Poetry

He came nations to bless,

Sin had to go.

Within gives a peaceful rest,

Without a defeated foe.

Around the angels stand,

Pointing above, the eternal land.

– eab, Dec ’68


The darkest being known is, in typical lying fashion, called “light.” Sadly there are those who actually worship & place their hope in lucifer. Luther was right when he wrote “his doom is sure.” Those who follow lucifer are also doomed unless Jesus saves them.

– eab, 11/30/17




Snow drifts waving across the hills,

Mounds of “ammunition.”

Icicles hanging from the sills,

Crystal continuation.

A winter scene for meditation,

God’s handiwork, frozen revelation.


– eab, Dec ‘68



Do not live in the past. Hopefully you so lived that your past so that you have pleasant memories to recall. Do not live in the future; it’s only as bright as your present life is steering it. LIVE N*O*W. Live this present moment. Enjoy God’s smile today.

– eab, 11/28/17


“Carnal nature is the perversion of the human nature.”

– Phillip Dickson, sermon, 10/12/03


Since Christ said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life..” Truth cannot be separated from Him and – – – He cannot be separated from TRUTH. In a most serious contrast satan is a liar; lies cannot be separated from him and – – – he cannot be separated from lies.

– eab, 11/19/17



Mat 1. 25

“And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.”



Too many ministers enjoy the power of their position, enjoy hearing themselves talk, enjoy the amenities of their title without grasping the seriousness of delivering God’s message – a dying man, speaking perhaps the last time, to dying men.

– eab, 11/28/17

BiRTH of CHRIST Poetry

Above, a warm star paused in space;

Below, a cool earth, inhabiting race,

Outside, shepherds the wind in their face,

Inside, Immanuel abundant in grace!

The birth of a King.

– eab, Dec 1966


If you want your son to be a Man you must make that happen. Show him how by your example & your wise consul (both positive & negative) to move from boyhood to young manhood to a confident all-male adult. TV, hollywood, too many schools (state & “christian”) do not encourage the rugged masculinity our grandfathers knew. Teach him how to work hard yet be soft toward mother/sisters. Teach him how to be tight with his money yet to give to a worthy cause. We need more MEN.

– eab, 12/1/17




The space between Eternity is spread,

And measured into units that are known.

In inches, feet, and yards the length is shown;

And pounds and tons are used to weigh up lead.

Minutes of time the baker knows for bread;

Degrees show how increased the heat is grown.

Full buckets hold the product of what is sown,

So all are gauged, from start till death.


However, in that Land of endless light,

Where lambs and lions both are to be tame,

And where there comes no darkness of the night

Dimensions as these are not the same.

To waste the gift of heaven’s perfect sight,

And clutter up the realm of boundless fame.

– eab, Dec 1966



You should run from yoga. Some have an idea that yoga is mostly-if-not-all physical. As I understand, that is definitely not the case but yoga involves the mind & the soul. (BTW you can relax without going into “yoga” positions.) Please don’t use yoga (or related practices) or attend a “church” where such mind-bending actions are encouraged. Let Christ be the center of your physical/mental/spirit world. He made you (not some eastern mystic) & He knows exactly what is the best REST for you.

– eab, 12/1/17



“When the soul is wed to obedience the child is faith.”

– H E Darnell, sermon (uncertain place/date)



The Holiness Message is proclaimed by men who have found or are seriously seeking The Holy Heart. Holiness is “preached against” by men who’ve lost their holy heart & resent God’s standard of separation. Holiness is ignored by men who are ignorant of the wonderful reality of being cleansed from all the nature of Adam. What is happening at your house of worship? Eh? 12/2/17



Heb 12. 14

“Follow peace with all men, and

holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:”


The majority is right? How many were in the Ark as opposed to those outside it? What was the ratio of bad people vs good people in Sodom? How many favored the crucifixion of Christ as opposed to those who did not favor it. As far as I can see, “majority rule” is man’s invention and without Scriptural warrant.

– eab, 11/30/17

December Poetry ++ +

DAILY December Poetry

Bright and bold

Tidings it told

Shinning in silver;

Daring to deliver.

That Star.


Lustrous light,

Nulling the night,

Giving of glory,

Salvation’s story.

Seen afar.

– eab, Dec. 1966


If you think Hell will be a cool place – you’re lacking in a Biblical understanding. If you think you’ll team up with sinful “buddies” in hell – you’ve probably missed the idea of torment. As I read Scripture there may be solitary confinement). If you think it lasts only a 1000 yrs, 1,000,000 yrs – you’re missing the words “quenched” (Mar 9.43-46) & “everlasting” (Mat 18.8, 2Th 1.9). Turn away from sin. Turn toward the Savior. You DO NOT HAVE to go to hell, & friend believe me – – – you don’t want to.

– eab, 12/1/17



Little perfect balls on a large scaly tree,

You make me wonder if you have a message for me.

I am curious why, you are suspended there,

Between earth and sky. Just for seed?


Do you bear a report? Do you have a word,

From another world that should be heard?

Maybe another time, in another place,

That message I can find. It will be freed.

– eab, Dec  ’65


If you expect your daughter to exit her teens as “a lady” you have to work on her; this is not automatic. Teach her by words & daily example how to sit as a lady, how to walk/stand like one, & how to converse like one. You should want her to be feminine, sweetly, fully feminine without the least hint of being “sexy.” You should desire her to confidently function in a wicked society without any carnal boldness or brashness. Heaven knows we need more young Christian women to be ladies. Will yours be one?

  • eab, 12/1/17


“We count those things perfect which want nothing

for the end where unto they were instituted.”

– Richard Hooker, quoted by Thomas Cook, NEW TESTAMENT HOLINESS


THINK. Today’s structure of Entertainment (it’s rampant even in “christian” circles) doesn’t encourage you to think. Thinking, at least along the right lines, can make you uncomfortable about 1.) how you were raised, 2.) how you were educated/indoctrinated, 3.) how you weren’t taught to think on your own. When doing a repeatable daily task, when driving, when sitting in a deer stand, THINK. And start to record your thoughts – – – they’ll probably lead to more thoughts. Have a wonderful voyage.

– eab, 12/1/17


Isa 28. 10

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept;

line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

Last of a long list of Luther Quotes – Hope you profited from/enjoyed them.

“…We desire nothing more than that the glory of God may be advanced, the benefit of Christ truly known, and the truth of the gospel purely taught.”

Commentary on Galatians p 370



A worldly world likes “christmas.” (They don’t like Christ but they like “christmas.”) It gives a chance to erect fantasy scenes of lights, artificial trees, tinsel, fake snow, & make-believe characters. Their hollywood (it isn’t Christian) has created movie after movie with “christmas” themes. Their crooners made millions on records/tapes (yesteryear) & CDs singing one or more carols, mixed with secular sentimental, even silly songs. Sadly many “christians” watch their movies & buy their CDs. Please, Friend, Wake Up.





We like the rags to riches tale:

Boy meets gal, poor girl meets male.

One once as low as he could be,

Finds gold coins, a pearl by the sea.

Poor-to-rich-myths never get stale.


But what about riches to rags?

One loses comforts and finds snags.

You like to think that direction?

How does that fit your perfection?

Rich men – bums, once cute women – hags.


Christmas ‘fore “all was said and done,”

Is about the rich to rags One,

He became poor, a peasant Man.

He, who at His call, angles ran,

Found no place to lay His head – none.


Christ had seen wealth beyond man’s mind,

Heard tunes no symphony can find,

Left such splendor, left it all.

God, Triune, gave and felt “the call”

To our world, so cold, so unkind.


Why? Why was Christ willing to switch?

Become poor – that we might be rich?

Came to set the sinners fully free,

By dying on that middle tree,

Agony. Pain.  Dead muscles twitch.


His loss was mankind’s greatest gain.

Sinner friend, He died not in vain.

Wealthy, then poor, Christ lives today.

Providing poorest man a way,

To lose his sin in Christ’s blood stain.

– eab, 11/30/06


If you memorized a player’s & memorized the team on which he plays, YOU can memorize a verse of Scripture. If you know the home city, team colors, & team mascot YOU can memorize a 2nd verse. Now, in how many players, teams, home cities, mascots do you know? Do you have that many Scripture verses committed to memory with reference? Soon you OR that player/team will be dead. The Bible lasts forever!

– eab, 11/29/17



“God can never act or be anything less than His nature.”

– Paul Covert, sermon, 4/13/97



“Jesus Saves” was once correctly, popularly proclaimed. “Saves” from what? Does He save from sin? Does He save YOU from sin? Do you say you love Jesus but sin everyday in Thought, Word or Deed? Do you claim to be a follower of Christ but “slip” & sin, ask forgiveness, then “slip” & sin the SAME sin, again? Jesus Saves – – – from SIN!

– eab, 11/30/17



Luk 16. 18

“Whosoever putteth away his wife and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and

whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.”


Does the average evangelical/holiness pulpit still preach the horrors of hell? Do people (in church/out) believe there’s a REAL place of torment as recorded by Dr. Luke (ch.16)? The world, needs bold preachers & fervent praying souls to be concerned about relatives, “nice neighbors” & enemies who’ll soon be in hell, unless redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Hell is real. Salvation from hell is also very real.

– eab, 11/30/17

Luther Quote

“…this is the proper office of an apostle, to set forth the glory and benefit of Christ.”

Commentary on Galatians p 255


God’s man comes with the urgency of a prophet, the solemnity of a judge, and the authority of the King. If any of these are consistently missing, you may not be hearing God’s man, regardless of how popular he is. – eab, 11/28/17




What more could an angler wish?

Brother Peter “got paid” to fish.

He had a coin right out of the blue,

It paid His tax and Peter’s too.

The rest could be served in a dish.

– eab, 11/28/05



“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me…” (Mat 10.37). If Christ is this strict with the earliest, closest relationship He surely is opposed to those who love their “fatherland” or “mother country” more than they love Christ. Friend, do YOU love Christ above all?

– eab, 11/19/17



“I give light by being myself consumed.”

Superscription inscribed on the tomb of Adam Clarke (by a burning candle)

– as given by Thomas Cook in New Testament Holiness


The pastor who regularly goes to a secular job may argue he’s supplying his needs. Is he inadvertently denying his parishioners the blessing of giving (“…more blessed to give than to receive” Act 20.35) even poorer parishioners? Is he missing opportunities to pray & exercise faith? It’d be better for his children to remember the times God supplied needed food due to prayer, than to remember the years he “put in” at some factory. [Thoughts to consider – May each man mind God.]

– eab, 11/26/17


Psa 1. 1

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”



Either you’re a saint or you ain’t (excuse the vernacular). There’s no middle ground, no “I hope so,” no maybe, no crossed fingers. So – – – which is it for you, Friend? 11/28/17

Luther + + + +

Luther quote

“…They are saints through such a holiness as they freely receive, not through such a holiness as they themselves have gotten by their own industry, good works and merits.”

– Commentary on Galatians, p484


When was Christ born? In a 4-yr college education (“crammed” into 6 J) I received no proof of a December birth. In a 60 hr seminary degree (“crammed” into 3 yrs) no verification of a December birth was heard. If you wish to say He was born a different month you’ve no argument from me. What I say – say adamantly is HE WAS BORN. Personally, I wish His birth was not celebrated on 12/25. But I’m glad some people do CELEBRATE His birth albeit on a wrong date. The date of Christ being born is of little-to-no consequence; His birth, life, death/resurrection is the most important fact known to man.

– eab, 11/26/17



I’ve never been to Bethlehem,

Nor walked by Galilee.

And the hills that knew my blessed Lord,

I may never live to see.

But I’ve tried to trace His footsteps,

Across the Sacred Page.

And by faith, I know He rules today,

As He has in every age.

O Faith, faith without it,

You just cannot please the Lord.

Have faith, faith to doubt it,

Brother you cannot afford.

For faith is the substance

Of things hoped for and yet not seen.

And lack of faith is why the church is so awfully lean.

– eab, Nov. 1973


Comfortable? We love our “comfort foods,” our comfortable chairs in our comfortable houses & say to guests “Make yourself comfortable.” Perhaps we’re seeking too much comfort here below. Luke 16 records the Lord’s account of Abraham saying to the damned rich man “…Thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things…NOW he is comforted & thou art tormented”(eab emphasis). “God, help us to have the discipline to endure here the uncomfortable, that we may join in Lazarus’ comforts above.”

– eab, 11/27/17


“If plain sense makes good sense, any other sense is nonsense.”

– T W Comadoll, as told by John Whiteman


Many people are disciplined who are not disciples of Christ. (Some of these are highly disciplined and pride themselves in their self control.) Discipline can make you happier with yourself, can bring a sense of contentment, and could (unless it becomes a stumbling block) lead to Christ. But discipline, of itself, can never save you – that takes Jesus.

– eab, 11/19/17


Luk 16. 10

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.”


Have you ever “missed the boat”? Did the bus “go off & leave you”? Have you gotten to a depot too late for the train? Did you perchance miss a plane connection? You & I have a final trip coming – – – Friend, we’ll make that departure ON TIME. Every rational soul knows death is coming. And, this is one trip we will NOT miss the boat. Prepare!

– eab, 11/27/17