Luther again

Luther Quote

“Our songs and psalms sorely vex and grieve the devil…”

Table Talk, p.265 [Thank God for Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress…”]


1 Travel * Trails * A new trail is something I’ve loved almost all of life. My shoes have trod miles of cow, deer, trails etc. It’s been my pleasure to hike all the AT (Appalachian Trail) through-the-Great-Smoky-Mountain-Park, a few miles in Nicaragua, Haiti, other mission fields, & walk a little on the top of the Great Wall of China. Thank God for these – many I’ll never see again. – eab,10/11/17


2 Travel * Grassy-Lanes * My favorite lane is 2-tire tracks with grass growing between. We once lived back such a private lane. A piece of road I traversed near my home was like this. I’ve journeyed o’er hundreds of gravel road miles as a kid, on mission fields, sections of the Alaska-Canadian (Dawson & up), & part of the Haul Road (Fox & up). Many of these miles I’ll never drive again. – eab, 10/11/17



Jonah did not drown

‘Cause he was found

By a finely-timed finny “friend.”

He swallowed him down

But in three days found

He couldn’t keep him in

A prophet “gone bad”

Even makes a whale sad.

– eab, Oct. ‘01


3 Travel * Two-Lane-Highways* US 22 was once the main truck route from NYC to Cincinnati – we lived beside it. We’ve done the ribbon of road island-to-island to Key West, driven the Blue Ridge parkway, done the Cassiar highway, & driven old US 25 through the Jellico mountains. Thank You Lord, for many safe/scenic 2 lane miles, but some of which I’ll not do again. – eab, 10/11/17


4 Travel * Interstates * My generation saw the birth & development of Eisenhower’s dream of super highways crisscrossing the US. Have driven tens of thousands of miles on them & enjoyed them immensely. They have literally saved me hundreds of hours in my life time or, OR I couldn’t have seen some of America which I did see. Multitudes of these I may never see again. – eab, 10/11/17


“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on truth we become in tune with this great power.”

– Nikola Tesla (uncertain date)


5 Travel * GOLDEN STREET * It’s with some sadness I realize that 1000s of miles that I’ve walked, ridden, driven I’ll never see again – except in the Halls of Memory. YET, there IS a Street which I hope yet to walk. It is the best of the BEST. I’m aware I didn’t deserve to travel as I’ve done. AND, I’m aware that I don’t deserve to walk His Golden Street, but I surely want to, So-Help-me-God. – eab, 10/11/17


Joh 8. 32

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”



Plan #1 Without being pessimistic/dramatic the world will take a distinct downturn (Rev. Dan. etc). The fact of not being able to buy/sell (Rev13.17) shows a struggle for food. Markets may not be there or not available to you. (Or, as unimaginable as it is, a depression, greater than the Great, can happen.) Today you can access the net for info on ways to make-do. The net may disappear (or be unavailable). Unless you have country-grandparents from whom to take notes, I urge you to search the net and, Hear Me, make notes. You can cut & paste ideas, feed them to your printer, & thus have them if/when electricity is off.

– eab, 10/9/17


Plan #2 Water is the 1st concern (you can live days without food-not nearly as long without water). What to do if/when spigots go dry. “I don’t even want to think about it.” Agreed, but this post is urging you to think now, so you’ll have an idea if/when you need it. The net can give plan A or plan B; print them off. Something on the net may prod your mind into other areas; write them down. I’m not into “saving earth” but write so you, friend, may live, God willing, even in harsh times.

– eab, 10/9/17


Plan #3 Do you know natural edibles? Easily recognized are berries: blackb., black/red raspb., strawb. dew b.,etc. Nuts are also recognized & unlike berries can be harvested longer & preserved, unless berries are dried. Asparagus can grow wild & is good raw. Mushrooms can be good or very bad – use net to see difference. Various “weeds” are edible (leaf or shoot, flower or root) but you’ll need to know which. Some wild foods require cooking/frying. I encourage you to study those who don’t. Don’t assume “If birds/squirrels eat it I can” & if push-comes-to-shove, eat a little of the new food, then later a little more.

– eab, 10/9/17


Plan #4 The locusts John the Baptist ate were probably insects, not tree seeds. Few, if any of us, relish eating insects, worms or larger animals, if they’re not camouflaged with spices etc. Yet it won’t hurt to see what the net teaches about catching, trapping, fixing wild game. Some fish may have too much mercury when all’s well, but if starving will do. You may want to learn about smoking, drying, sugar-curing, pickling, larger animals to eat at a later date.

– eab, 10/9/17


Plan #5 If these posts nudge you to read & therefore assist through a lengthy economic struggle, great. If you live to see the no buy/sell time of Rev., allow 3 thoughts. 1.) Don’t seek martyrdom – if it comes do NOT deny Christ to live – but Scripture doesn’t encourage volunteering for such (“But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another…”Mat 10.23). 2.) Never rationalize, in dire circumstances, it’d be better to take your own life. (If you kill me you can ask forgiveness but if you kill yourself you’re not here to ask forgiveness.) Your death for Christ will be a witness to others: fellow believers, or persecutors. 3) Never, NEVER, N E V E R take the mark, number, name of the man of sin – seals your eternal doom!

– eab, 10/9/17

The Mark or his name

Rev 14. 11

“And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.”

Edward Payson quote

“What you consider as your best excuse,

He considers as your greatest sin.”

– Edward Payson


The children of Jacob were bent making bricks;

Pharaoh, satan’s type, was up to his old tricks.

Goshen had looked good, when they first came down;

Sin always shows its laughter before its grim frown.

Then God heard their cry; deliverance soon came,

Broken were the shackles, gone was the shame.

The approach to the Sea had its crisis hour,

But God saw them through (and He will you!)

With His mighty power.

– eab, Oct. 1999

Luther Quote

Luther Quote

“The devil has two occupations to which he applies himself incessantly and

which are the foundation stone of his kingdom – lying and murder.”

Table Talk, p.263

Luther + + + + +

Luther Quote

…The devil continually seeks to put another Christ into my mind.”

Table Talk, p.263


Mom – can you make home-made bread? If so, please teach your daughter. You don’t know how? Would you be willing to humble yourself enough to make mistakes in front of her, & the two of you learn together? Do you know how to sew? Your daughter may need that skill some day & will thank you for teaching her. (Again be willing to acquire this skill together.) There will not only be the acquisition of great handiness but such affords a time to bond with your daughter like few other things. I wish you well.

– eab, 10/8/17



There are “Now I lay me’s,”

And “Thank You for the spuds.”

There are “help me’s for this test,”

And, “Father, I need new duds!”

There is “If You’ll get me out of here,”

And, “Lord, I’d sure like to shoot a deer.”

But none of these, no matter how sincere

Compare to, “Lord, I love You, I’m glad you’re near.”

– eab, Oct. ‘89



Dad – do you know how (literally) to use a hammer? If you do, please teach your son. Buy him hand-tools on birthdays, Christmas, etc. – he’ll not be losing yours (hopefully J) & will learn how to locate & preserve his own. Maybe you’re more mechanically inclined (few are “master” of everything). Show him what you know about how things work & therefore how he can repair them. Your son will be a better man for leaning various skills – AND – he’ll be better from having learned them from you.

– eab, 10/8/17


“TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil and its still of the devil.”

– Lester Roloff (uncertain date/location)


The Call to Pray, to become a “secret closet prayer” is open to all Believers. Church leadership isn’t – the novice (1Ti 3.6) is excluded. Church pastoring (if congregation has men) isn’t – the female is excluded (1Ti 2.12 & 3.2). Some may be tempted to chafe at these “limitations.” Instead let us glory in unlimited Prayer Access. Preaching can catch a man’s eye (too much). Being a church leader also can catch his eye. When God passes out rewards we may see the highest ones go to prayers in the closets.

– eab, 10/8/17



1Th 3. 12

“And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all…”


Is it just my observation or do you see it? Seems when I see a pastor/retired pastor in a service where he’s not speaking he seldom, if ever, says “Amen.” (Thank God for exceptions.) I started saying “Amen” in church at about 14. I didn’t start pastoring ‘til I was 32 so I had 18 yrs of “amending.” “…As ye would that men should do to you do ye also to them…” surely applies to the practice of supporting the preacher. Amen?

– eab, 10/8/17