Hag 1.5 +

Hag 1.5

“Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts;

Consider your ways.” [emphasis – eab]

No man is to be credited for his mere authority’s sake unless

he can show Scripture for the maintenance of his opinion.”

– John Wycliff

DRAMA. There are those who’d argue Job (Bible Book) is drama. It is not – – – its REAL! There was a true Job. As soon as you have drama you have actors – actors are not real; fake – fake as a Greek clown. One of the main reasons I oppose (now, I’ve not always had this light) drama is so much of it is make believe. The background looks like a house – it’s a façade, mere cardboard. The tree looks real – it’s plastic. The thunder sounded real – it’s a piece of metal. Worse by far – the people are false – Playing as if they were real.  

“We are immortal

till our work is done.”

– Geo. Whitfield


Rain has its place

It is a greening grace.

But sunshine is also nice

Variety: like sugar and spice.

– eab,  5/3/10


If your mind is constantly on death

You could correctly be called “morbid.”

If you refuse to ever consider death

You might correctly be termed “stupid.”

– eab,  5/3/16

HOME SCHOOL. This may sound “old school” but it works – Use index cards (cut into two: making them 3”high x 2.5”long, or use whole). Have child look up state & its capital in World Book, World Almanac or other *printed source. (This helps them learn how to use these “tools” & subtracts a bit from electronic gadgets.) Have them PRINT state on side 1 & capital on the other. You could also use “state flower” cards, or “state bird” cards, or major rivers/oceans/lakes at edge, or “main products” etc. – 5/1/22

“Sin is a want of conformity to the law of God

 [as] blindness is a want of sight…”

– Isaac Watts

If you have to choose between (I hope you don’t) a church with a preacher whose sermons are average-to-below-average but the song leader is committed to 2-3 solid holy hymns every service, OR a church with “superb” preaching but the song leader has sold-out to singing modern ditties, you possibly should choose the former. You can pray for & encourage a “so-so pastor” & his preaching may improve but a church which puts up with – even now, revels in its modern, frothy “songs” may be hopeless. – 5/3/22

Psa 47.6

“Sing praises to God, sing praises:

sing praises unto our King, sing praises.”

DOCTOR.  “Doctor” is in the Bible once (Act 5.34, title for Gamaliel). Luke’s Gospel contains the only use of “doctors” (2.46 & 5.17). It’s obvious these occurrences are all Jewish. Jesus, who knew more than all (He IS God) was never called “Doctor Jesus.” Paul is not referred to as “Paul, PhD” – if any NT man could’ve had that behind his name (IMO) he could’ve. Why have moderns (both Wesleyan-Arminians & Calvinists) *increasingly gravitated toward such titles? Have you thought about it? – 5/3/22  

“4. They affirmed that the altars were…unworthy of any marks of veneration…

5. They disapproved of the use of incense…

6. They looked upon the use of bells in the churches as an intolerable superstition.

7. They denied…the establishment of bishops presbyters [etc.]…

8. They affirmed that the institution of funeral rites was an effect of sacerdotal avarice…

9. They looked upon…penance as unprofitable & absurd.

10. They denied that the sins of departed spirits could be…atoned for by…masses…”

– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Zep 3.17 +

Zep 3.17

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice

over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”

“He [man] is free to choose how he will act

but he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox

It’d take a long list to show the trails of religious deceivers. Some were once sincerely seeking God but never saved. satan saw, posed as an “angel of light”(2Co 11.14) stood at a cross-roads & pointed them away. Others actually were saved (Mat 10.22ff) but at some point, hesitated to go forward with God & then sought an easier road. Are all *deceivers themselves deceived? Some (IMO) sadly are. AND some (again IMO) know they’re deceiving. Is it a game with them? Do they not see Hell gaping at their feet? – 4/23/22

“A foreigner won’t likely invest in real estate…he doesn’t intend to stay

…picture of the Christian & his lack of interest in earthly values.”

– L D Wilcox

True hymns glorify HIM. They lead your mind toward worship. If you’re intrigued by the “climbing & falling” of notes more than the words you ought to examine the song. If the syncopation has more of your attention than the words, take a second look at that song. Hymns have God at their center, not the tune, not the timing. Fall in love (“again”?) with the hymns of yore. Many of the best were penned straight from the godly poet’s heart. Too many modern ditties were *done by musicians, NOT godly poets. – 4/25/22

Screech to Halt                                                      .

One day life will screech to a halt;

That sudden stop will not be your fault.

Negative “honors” go to that first man;

He started human sin (he and his wife)

With sin came death – ending of life.

Death is not God’s first/final plan.

Life for you, for me, will end;

God only knows, could be “‘round the bend.”

But praise God, you awoke this morn.

“The sun’s not shining”? It is somewhere

Be glad for those living “over there.”

Even if rainy, for you, a new day was born.

“But I don’t feel like singing praise.”

Then let prose from your lips now raise.

You’re alive for another God-given-day

I, in person, am happy to live

Want my talent (or two) His honor to give.

This morning, Lord, Thy Praise I say.

– eab,  5/22/15 

HOME SCHOOL. Please Dad, please Mom, emphasis reading. Teach your child how to read. 1.) By reading TO him. 2.) By reading WITH him (you read a sentence/he reads one – you read a paragraph/he reads one). 3.) By letting him read to you. You can even do knitting/carving etc. (other hand-work) if you’ll pay close attention & have him seated beside you so you can look over for corrections in pronunciation. Do not be too hard on his mistakes. Encourage every difficult word he says correctly. – 5/1/22  

Psa 85.10

“Mercy & truth are met together;

righteousness & peace have kissed…”

“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture & revelation

…proponents are mostly Calvinists.”  

– L D Wilcox

You meet Truth on the road – What’s your reaction? Do you say, “Hi, I’m Jim (Jane) & You, Truth, do not know how Happy I am to meet You. Thanks for coming my way.” Or do you say, “Go Your way – maybe I’ll be more interested later.” [In other words, when I’m more mature.] Or do you say, “What are you doing, bothering me? I know all I *want [key word] to know now; don’t confuse me with any facts, my mind is made up – so – Good Bye!” Watch Out, Friend. You may never meet Truth, in this life, again. – 5/2/22

“…God is ready

to share His holiness with men…”

– L D Wilcox

Hak 2.14 +

Hak 2.14

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD,

as the waters cover the sea.”

“The west is interested in independence.  If there’s anything

sin will take away from its true independence.”

– Wallace Thorton Jr.

Ask the Lord for wisdom what to plant this yr. This, of course includes the garden (annuals) but maybe He would lead you to plant a berry-producing bush or fruit-yielding tree. Be open to His leadership in not only *what to plant but how much. How much can you conserve for later use? How much can you Can? Dry – “leather britches” or strings of apple rings? Put in a root cellar? Or other means of preserving which does not need electricity? Be serious about planting as your Heavenly Father leads. – 4/25/22

“Every great spiritual movement begins with the

‘downs-and-outs’ & ends with the ‘ups-and-ins.’”

– A L Vess

Being the youngest & my mother the next-to-youngest (of 7) I had 1st cousins which I never met. Tall Tale? No. But listen to this – I have brothers & sisters I’ve not met; Brothers & Sisters in Christ. Just this AM I tried to pray for some preacher men in the Isles of the Sea & some praying women in the same area which I don’t know. If they (by faith) are God’s child & if I am (also by faith) we are Brothers/Sisters in the Lord though we don’t meet until on the Golden Street. Amen? – 4/29/22


Could one count the grains of sand,

One could hold in one’s hand,

Moist, mingled, multitudes of quartz,

Could one imagine the huge number,

Counting slumber to slumber,

That line just a few little ports.

Could one pretend to know,

Counting row after even row,

The final tally would be so very grand,

The mind would definitely bend,

Before one came near the end,

Of counting the moist, multitudes of sand.

– eab,  April  1978 

DRAMA. Sometime (before my association with Bible schools – @ 65 yrs ago) the idea of a Christian school putting on theatre scenes came in. Who let down the bar & allowed heathendom into God’s schools I can’t say. What I can say is I wish they hadn’t. I wish this product of pagan Greece had not received “holy water.” Later it wasn’t just allowed, but acclaimed (some “christian” schs. more than others) & now it’s so used, an eab post raising a question, is thought odd. Drama is not of God. – 4/29/22

Act 5.9

“…Peter said unto her, ‘How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband…shall carry thee out.’”

“If you shut up the damper of confession,

you will smother the fire of sanctification.”  

– Orlow C Webb

Please, Bro., Please Sis. You think of yourself as a Christian, perhaps a careful living one. I hope you are. As a member of fb I see someone likes “x” singer. Do I see them bedecked with rings? Do I see she has cut off her God-given glory (1Co 11.15)? Do I see this/these singer(s) singing with stage lights (strobe?), being acclaimed by worldly churches, winning “awards”? I fail to see how such a person(s) can bless the heart that’s filled with the Holy Ghost. I encourage you to Pray about who you hear sing. – 4/29/22

“The only authority we have in life

is this Book”

– John Whiteman

Hab 2.4 +

Hab 2.4

“Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him:

but the just shall live by his faith.”

A man may be regenerated by the Holy Spirit. In regeneration there is an impartation of life & the one who receives it is saved; in baptism with the Holy Spirit there is an impartation of power & the one who receives it is fitted for service.”

– R A Torrey

READING. You are considering doing “home school” – I hope you understand THE most important subject. It is more important than *all the rest (on anybody’s list) combined. It is Reading. Reading, of course, starts with the alphabet. You get to teach your precious child the first letter is “A” (& how to pronounce “A”). Then, you are privileged to introduce your child to “B” & how to pronounce “B.” There follows each letter (& its distinct sound) IN order. Letters build words. God bless you. – 4/27/22

“I think there is an immense shortage

of Chrisitian character among so-called Christians.”

– Harry S Truman


God does for His servants as He see best;

Some have activity, others have rest.

Several don work clothes, some suit and vest,

Some are far from home, some near their nest,

Some face life’s low load with a heavy chest,

Several sing and whistle high on the crest.

But all His known servants have passed His test;

They’ll gather soon from northeast to southwest.

Never forget, Child, God knows what is best.

– eab,     4/27/11

Do not be Determined to marry a certain gal (guy). You could wish within 48 months you’d never heard that name. Don’t be Determined to go to a certain school. It could be the ruination of you. Don’t be Determined to land a certain position/move to certain state/drive a certain car. All the above, for the Christian, is aligned with God’s will. You CAN be determined, you MUST be determined to mind God & therefore be admitted to Heaven. Do this, if it kills you. Please. – 4/28/22   

“Whatever the sin-made world happens to be clamoring after at the moment

is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers, only the religious product is better.” 

– A W Tozer

Dear Former Pupil/Former Parishioner. If your marriage ended in divorce – I am sorry. I’m sorry if it was the mate’s fault; I’m sorry if it was your fault. When I oppose D&R (divorce/remarriage) PLEASE don’t think I hate you or your new “mate” – I hate D&R. I don’t want 1 more couple CAUGHT in it. Hopefully my posts wave a flag to the next generation. Again, I’m sorry for your pain but allow me (minus hard feelings) to WARN those still married. Don’t get a divorce. If you do, don’t get remarried! – 4/29/22

Joh 15.19

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world,

but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Do your part – it may be small but do it – to slow down centralization.  Wrong to use credit card? No – I encourage you to use MORE cash, not less. If store refuses your cash – Refuse to shop that store. Wrong to shop big box store? No, but consider 4 things: 1.) Buy less – make it instead  2.) Buy it used 3.)  Barter for it (trading things/labor)  4.) Buy locally.  Don’t buy 5G device – if anything go back to flip phone or none. “Can’t imagine life without smart phones.” You did once. Happy I’ve never had one. – 4/29/22

“…Vigilantius…asserted…burning of tapers at the tombs of the martyrs…was imprudently borrowed from the ancient superstition of the Pagans. He…treated with contempt fasting & mortifications But Jerome…assailed this bold reformer…with such bitterness & fury that the honest presbyter soon found that nothing but his silence could preserve his life…[his] name…remains still in the list of heretics.”

– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Nah 1.7 +

Nah 1.7

“The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble;

& he knoweth them that trust in him.”

“If you are willing to listen,

God can get you to a clean heart & get you to heaven”

– Ken Thompson

satan lies. He says earth is small – it’s probably a lot bigger than our pseudo scientists (some of satan’s most loyal slaves) tell us. And the place they’ve dubbed “space” is not as big as satan & his henchmen want you to believe. satan is such a liar he’ll even lie about himself – telling you “he” doesn’t exist. When you hear a voice saying “satan is not real” know immediately that he does; it’s him talking. – 4/19/22

“It takes a man with knowledge

to defy God.”

– Ken Thompson

If you’re having a hard time joining Paul in his “…Less than the least of all saints…”(Eph 3.8) statement, you ought to let your soul (& mind) get quiet before God. Kneel, pace back & forth, sit in your “Prayer Chair” in His Presence. Allow Him to look you “Up one side & down the other.” Allow Him to help you discover your weakness. [I didn’t type sins – Christians do not sin!] Christians have areas which can be improved, shored-up, changed for the better. Those are where you’re “Less than the least…” – 4/25/22  

NO’s YES’s

Can you rejoice in God’s no’s,

As much as you enjoy His yes’s?

Can you wait until He answers?

(Letting Him remove all *wild guesses.)

– eab  April  2010  

When you write a cluster of words as an “anonymous quote” you are (IMO) skating on thin ice. Since no author is listed the “quote” may or MAY not be accurate. The source from which you acquired this may have felt free to tweak the sentence: he may have shortened it, lengthened it, made it more “modern,” used classier words, etc. Allow me, as a friend, suggest you never, make that NEVER quote a cluster of words not knowing WHO said them. They may sound OK but have horrible roots. – April 2022  

Rev 21.2

“…I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven

prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

“I have been in contact with the Tongues Movement from its beginning…I have endeavored by His help to give it a fair investigation. It is the same power…[as] the magicians, sorcerers, witches, Mormons & especially…Spiritualists.”  

– W B Godbey

Party. Regardless of its funding, food & “fun” eventually every party ends. After the party is the parting. It’s over. Good bye. God is NOT having a “party.” God is having a Gathering. The saints of all the ages have been gathering Above for centuries, make that millennia. They have gathered from the East & the West. They have gathered from the North & the South. HEADS UP. You, friend, are also invited to this Heavenly Gathering. Pray & Obey. Live & Believe. This Gathering will have NO good-byes! – 4/28/22

“Remarriage is

the final act of unforgiveness.”

– Don Wardlaw

Mic 6.8 +

Mic 6.8

“He hath showed thee, O man, what is good & what doth the LORD require of thee,

but to do justly & to love mercy & to walk humbly with thy God?”

“God is grieved; Jesus was grieved; the Holy Spirit was grieved;

we certainly cannot anticipate any work of grace…above [this].”

– Howard Sweeten

If you’re skeptical of God having 2 works of Grace read on: There is second-ness in life. 1.) You get a learner’s permit – then a license.  2.) You purify a canning jar – then you fill it.  3.) You build a birdhouse – then paint it.  4.) You cut hay – then you bale it.  5.) You make a cake – then you bake a cake.  6.) You bath – then dress.  7.) You plow a garden – then plant it.  8.) You cut wood – then you build a fire.  9.) You pick lemons – then make lemonade.  10.) You get engaged – then you marry. 2 Separate Acts. – 4/23/22

“Opinions above holiness are just as dangerous &

inevitably false as opinions below it.”

– Jesse T Peck

As world tick-tocks toward final hours expect it to get more religious. No, I didn’t type righteous – it will be far (IMO) from right but you should expect “religious fervor” to increase; expect Self-Righteousness to become dominate – we’re already seeing people who have little-to-no-God calling others “out” because they don’t please their imagined “moral ground.” Their moral stand has nothing to do with the Bible but suits the religion of humanism, of selected “highness” but minus righteousness. – 4/23/22 


The thief looking sideways could see

That Face did not “go with” that tree.

It took all he could muster.

These last words to utter.

“When Thy kingdom comes remember me” Luk 23

– eab,  4/24/05

Salvation is important! You were once a sinner but are now a saint. You were a slave to Egypt’s habits & now you’re not. You were headed toward hell but are now “bound for heaven.” Hallelujah. Does this mean there’s nothing else God can do for you? Hundreds of men/women hungering for God found AS they walked with Him, that they had Pride, Carnal Anger, Self-will which they had to depress. They asked God if He has something else for them – He did. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. Yes! – 4/25/22

Mat 7.22

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?

& in thy name have cast out devils? & in thy name done many wonderful works?”

“Purity of heart” said the Puritans

“is to have all the wheels of the soul turning the same direction.”

– Richard S Taylor, ThD

“…Few there be that find it”(Mat 7.14). You know you said that? Jesus Christ. He has never made a mistake. He meant exactly what He said. The road, the path, the trail to heaven is *narrow. The “holiness” church is getting broader – have you noticed? Men are speaking at “supposed” holiness gatherings whose pulpits (if they pastor) they don’t keep clean. Men (I could fear) whose at-home-children listen to secular music. I did not write “FEW” Jesus did. Please move to the right, not the left. – 4/25/22

“Somewhere in the Psalms

you will find your picture.”

– Bob Thompson

Mic 5.2

Mic 5.2

“But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.”

God’s Word contains

the best evidence of its own inspiration.”

– J Hudson Taylor

Is the OT quoted in the NT? Over & over. Does that mean the OT takes precedence over the New? Of course not. The writers of the NT believed the historicity, the actuality of the previous, precious Book. You should. I should & do. Its histories of nations, people groups, family lines, & particular, pious saints are unsurpassed by any & I mean any Text. Love the OT but love It in Its place. You do not, you can NOT live in the OT. It is a closed Book. We (& I love it that we do) live Post, Christ! – 4/14/22

“[Its] almost impossible to get Christians to attend

a service where God is the only attraction.”

– A W Tozer


God’s salvation plan is immense,

His redemptive love is intense,

Soon eternity will commence

Hypocrite, STOP trying to ride the fence.

– eab,  4/25/10

In the post Reformation era there’s no particular reproach to the idea of being “saved.” 1000s of ministers, 1000s of churches, 1000s of schools give at least lip-service to being regenerated or even use the term “born again.” There is basically no reproach to praying, owning a Bible, “doing church” as occasion suits: weddings, funerals, & what the world calls “Christmas” & “Easter.” It is the concept of living holy, being inwardly pure, of separating yourself unto Christ that is too Radical to too many. – 4/23/22

“Never make a Christ out of your faith, nor think of it as if it were independent

of your salvation…the power is not in the faith but in the God upon whom faith relies.” 

– Charles Spurgeon

Dear Careful Sister. Due to your husband changing job locations, or a decline in your health, or to other circumstance you’re being forced to attend a leftish church. Please Hold Onto your holiness dresses, your uncut, Biblical hair & to your holy face – i.e. one without make-up & without jewelry. Will it be easy? It depends on your heart. If your heart is carnal & therefore wants the approval of the world, it may look huge. If you love Jesus with all your heart & hold to His hand, it’ll be easy. God Bless you Sister. – 4/25/22

1Co 11.15

“But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her:

for her hair is given her for a covering.”

One reason you see me on social media is, from an electronic pulpit, I’m may be saying things (to God be All The Glory) some pastors won’t. If a “head deacon” has a son with 2 living wives, an unsanctified pastor has a hard time preaching against divorce/remarriage. If the piano player has just had her hair (her “glory” 1Co 11.15) cut off, a pastor not filled with God’s Spirit may falter addressing it. This “pulpit” can speak – it can’t be “voted out.” Women cutting their hair, & divorce/remarriage is sin! ! ! – 4/25/22

“I call God to record against the day we shall appear before our Lord Jesus that I never altered 1 syllable of God’s word, against my conscience nor would do this day if all that is in earth, whether it be honor, leasure, or riches be given me.”

– Wm Tyndale

Jon 4.2 +

Jon 4.2b

“…For I knew that thou art a gracious God & merciful,

slow to anger & of great kindness & repentest thee of the evil.”

“I have never heard one give a valid reason why

the blood of Christ is not sufficient to cleanse the heart from all sin.”

– George Shaw

RITE/RITUAL. A “new” custom a pastor or church official wants to introduce may have roots in catholicism. “Automatically wrong?” Likely. (Luther was right to leave.) Few men preach against catholic formality & as a result, ways of the Romanists are filtering into evangelical / holiness churches. They worship Mary. We worship Jesus Christ, the Savior Mary needed. Some catholic ideas came from heathendom. Christ saves from heathenism. Do NOT pick up any customs of the catholic system. – 4/17/22

“Peace that will pass all understanding – justification will give you.

Peace that will pass all misunderstanding – Sanctification will give you.”

 – E E Shellhamer

blasphemING the Holy GHOST. This serious subject is much bigger than I am. It *IS* possible to blaspheme God’s Holy Spirit “…All manner of sin & blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men”(Mat 12.31). One would have to do this on purpose but, having said that, it’s possible to do – AND – probably easier than some think. Never, NEVER, tell a “joke” about the Holy Ghost. – 4/18/22

Heaven’s Gate

If you or I were keeping heaven’s pure gate

We might let in wrong ones; Not admit the great.

But God, bless-His-name-forever, will decide

Who’s worthy to enter and with Him abide.

-eab, 4/9/13


God has no delight in food or drink

(That’s how we, His mortals, think.)

The Lord delights in the praise of His people.

Praise Him, then, below & beyond a “steeple.”

-eab, 4/9/13                         

God has this wonderful “Ability” (not quite right word?) to Love sinners & at the same time Hate sin. Great; “…While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”(Rom 5.8b). But wait – God gives His children somewhat of this same ability – to Love sinners while at the same time Hating their sin. Frankly, churches need MORE of this. Some Right-leaning churches tend to come short on Loving sinners; Some Left-leaning churches appear to *not Hate sin but are bringing it into the building. How’re YOU doing? – 4/20/22

Mar 3.29

“But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness

but is in danger of eternal damnation:”

“The play-house became the temple of England.

Drama could not be exhibited, nor privately read without blushes”

– Able Stevens

When the sole – or even *main – means by which we hire or retain a man is the highness of his degree(s) – – – we ARE in trouble. Our congregation is in trouble with such a pastor. Our Bible college is in trouble with such a prof. Please stop hiring on this secular basis. God’s church has had men with degreed education but it’s had MORE who were educated – minus paper diploma. And, yes, some of the best men in our Bible colleges have Not had the world’s high degree stamp; Thank God. – 4/21/22   

“They call my Lord Dartmouth an enthusiast” said Geo. III “But surely

he says nothing on religion but what any Christian may & ought to say.”

– Able Stevens

Jon 2.9 +

Jon 2.9

“But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving;

I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the LORD.”

Grace is indeed needed to turn a man into a saint;

& he who doubts it does not know what a saint or a man is.”

– Blaise Pascal

RITE/RITUAL. “In your mind, Bryan, are all rites/rituals sin?” I’m not slamming my fist onto a desk, calling every rite/ritual “Sin.” But before we push (as pastors) or vote for (as church or sch. board members) a rite to be introduced, we ought to “pick it up & look it over”.  What its history? (unless you think you are creating a “brand-new” religious habit – which is highly unlikely – this habit, ceremony, practice, may be done in the next valley, or by a group (even cult) not that long ago. Heads UP. – 4/17/22  

“We are never more like Christ

than in prayers of intercession.”

– Austin  Phelps


If you someday don’t want to stumble,

And thereby take quite a tumble,

(And after that, completely crumble)

Change now – become truly humble.

– eab, 4/17/10

There are two important Beings to whom you should be *perfectly honest! One is in heaven above – He already knows the truth about you but needs you to be honest with Him so He can forgive you. The other is on earth – it is YOU. Until you get honest with yourself (& stay honest) you’ll flounder in a sea of falsehoods. Please stop lying to yourself. There’s a real danger that You will believe YOU. HINT: when you get exactly honest with God, that’ll help you be honest with yourself. Do it. – 4/19/22

“There is only one thing that can kill the movies—

& that is education.” 

– Will Rogers,Autobiography

Sanctified people are the people, the only people, who earnestly pray for others to be sanctified holy. They know the joy of this blessed experience & therefore want others to share. Friend, are you fully cleansed from the Old Man/Old Woman? Do you still have Times when you’re “hot under the collar,” Times when if you don’t get your way & give X the silent treatment, Times when you secretly hope So-n-So fails? God wants to make you clean inside (& out). Pray for His Holy Spirit to come. – 4/20/22

1Pe 1.16

“Because it is written,

‘Be ye holy; for I am holy.’”

God allows you a “right” to sin. He’s permitted men/women to since He allowed the famous Adam & Eve. God required them to pay a huge price for their sin – they were expulsed from the Original Garden, from that un-imaginable Paradise. They were kicked out of “Heaven on Earth.” God requires a huge price for your sin TOO – not being allowed to go to the Higher Paradise, the Eternal Garden. But you have one Hope of changing that; “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & thou shalt be saved…”Act 16.31. – 4/21/22

“Vile books, vulgar advertisements, obscene pictures, smutty stories…

& the so called theatre are the carrion on which impurity feeds.”

– S M Sayford

Jon 1.1 +

Jon 1.1

“Now the word of the LORD came unto Jonah

the son of Amittai, saying”

…The feeble-minded are people who know the truth but only affirm it

so far as consistent with their own interest. But apart from that they renounce it.”

– Blaise Pascal

When the Christian fully faces the reality that his tradition (yes, perhaps life-long tradition) is in direct conflict with the New Testament he, after heart-searching & honest prayer, changes to what’s Scriptural & abandons forever a custom he (or his family or his “church family”) has kept for as long as he remembers. It’s called walking in the Light. – – – Walking in the light is absolutely necessary to make heaven. – 4/14/22

“Men never do evil so completely & cheerfully

as when they do it from religious conviction.”

– Blaise Pascal


“Everyman has his price;”

It’s not true. And – – – it’s not nice!

Many sinners can be bought;

True saints? Absolutely not!

“Saying” connects to vile vice.

– eab,  4/19/20

RITE/RITUAL. Hopefully, if you’re a Bible student or even a reader thereof, it comes as no surprise that the word “rite” is not in the Bible. Nor the word “ritual.” Granted there are items which could be labeled with one tag or the other in the OT. (There are few, if any in the NT.) As a congregation cools in relationship to God: Fewer Spirit-lead prayer mtg.,  Fewer vibrant testimonies (in church or out),  Fewer other indications of God moving freely, it gets easier for rites/rituals to get a foothold. – 4/17/22

“What you consider as your best excuse,

He considers as your greatest sin.”

– Edward Payson

BUILD THE KINGDOM. Imagine a county 30 mi. N/S by 30 mi. E/W. It has 1  Separate-From-The-World Church, “A.” Folks are driving from all directions 2/3 times a week. If Church “A” will start Church “B” in town “B” those people could much easier *invite neighbors to “B” (drive less or walk in) than to drive all the way to “A.” Town “B” would be blessed by having A.) Local pastor for their sick, B.) Local church bell (therefore service), c.) Local singing wafting out on summer nights. GO YE. – 4/18/22

Deu 6.5

“…Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart

& with all thy soul & with all thy might.”

I saw your pic on fb, & later thought she’s not happy. Maybe you want the world & want God too (but not too much of Him). Perhaps you’re afraid to be as worldly as you want to be – you believe Hell is real & are afraid you’d drop in – but the world sung its catchy song & you listened. You may wish you could dress more risqué but know family wouldn’t like it. Sister, YOU can become happy in Jesus – but – you’ll need to give Him you’re  A.L.L. Stop trying to walk with Him but still sing satan’s song. – 4/18/22

“Any discipline you want your child to have

you must exemplify yourself.”

– Michael Pearl