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It was our second “Christmas” when

I saw a problem with this day/date.

Was Christ born in December, or?

“Assigned it” by some sly fate?


Have men wanted us to believe

This date for nefarious reasons?

Does it coincide too nicely with

Fallen man’s ungodly seasons?


At age nineteen I knew He was born,

Had not the slightest doubt in my heart.

My question was ‘bout the day/date

Now, I’ve more reason to doubt a “chart.”


I couldn’t prove it was NOT this day,

Back then or, for that matter, now.

It had to be some day of the year –

Which? To prove it I knew not how.


2016 “Christmas Poem” (part 2)

If one insists on a date in fall

And searches enough t’ill be found,

Someone bad is tied to the new date;

Earth’s filled with satan’s sight and sound.


Like it? I don’t. Disprove it? I can’t.

Friend, I don’t worship date or day;

I worship the Christ who came to earth

To take sins (yours and mine) away.


Do I then include all satan’s myths?

No. Nor should you, heaven-bound friend.

Sub-ject to Him family “tradition,”

Keep what glorifies Christ, in the end.


Please do not LIVE for “christmas colors”

Nor greenery, lights, bows, and such.

Live for the Bethlehem Savior EACH day.

He’s much more than a date/day. Much!

– eab, 12/11/16

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