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1Ch 16.22 +

1Ch 16.22

“Touch not mine anointed, and

do my prophets no harm.’”


“Preach the Word! Sing the Word! Live the Word,

anything outside of this has no sanction in heaven.”

– Duncan Campbell



There is a One-World-Government coming down the pike AND a One-World-Church. They may appear hand-in-hand, or one soon follow the other. Don’t be surprised if the church is first. The One-World-Church will be a sly combination (IMO) of several leading false religions – to offend as few as possible & enlist the cooperation of many. (Christ’s true believers won’t be fooled – tho’ they may be tempted.) I can’t urge you too much, draw nigh to God. You’ll need His holy discernment. Pray, Friend, Pray. – 3/19/20


“We won’t be judged by our success

but by our faithfulness.”

– Wilfred Edwards



It is at the point of little things

That futures often meet.

The trail that’s chosen may soon decide,

The condition of the feet.


The very act that looked so small,

At the moment of decision.

Can turn the course, just enough,

To miss, O, perfect precision.


Don’t think that thoughtless acts or words,

Will always come to naught.

They change so much in so little time,

And stay forever to haunt.


It’s the tiny thing done to a friend,

That will cause a friendship to end.

While a few kind words may win a foe,

Thus causing enmities to mend.


The twig that’s bent grows a bent tree;

A cause always brings a result.

Watch the little variations, they can be,

The awful, final, eternal fault.

– eab, Mar. 1975



There is not a better time to recognize you & I are *personally* responsible to God. I hope you have a Biblical pastor – more rare than we’d like to admit – & a solid congregation. You may feel you belong to the best “denomination.” Please Sir, Please Ma’am, you can’t depend in spiritual things on a man or a group of men to buoy you up in crisis. You must have a vital relationship with Christ. And – you may not want to hear this (I don’t necessarily want to write this) but a time may come when, to avoid being damned in the One-World-Church, you’ll have to separate from that pastor, that group. – 3/19/20


“The anti-christ is not going to say he’s the anti-christ.”

– Steve D Herron


2Ti 3.13

“But evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse

deceiving & being deceived.”



Will satan use music to woo gullible people into his One-World-Church? It is very possible. If you don’t care who sings your favorite song: 1.) If it’s OK with you that the male singer’s hair is shoulder length, & hers is “spiked,” 2.) If you’re willing to over-look the divorced-remarried status of the singer, 3.) If their jokes are shallow (maybe even off-color) & the atmosphere they create is light/chaffy You will be more likely to attend, & may soon join the One-World-Church. – 3/19/20


“Ignorance is a handmaiden of superstition.

– L L Pickett

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