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1Co 13.1 +

1Co 13.1

“Though I speak with the tongues of men & of angels & have not charity

I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.”


“A backslider is one

who has lost his spiritual eye-sight.”

– M W Knapp


Friend – Do you know you are saved? Are you living e-v-e-r-y day without sinning? (Not mistakes, sins!) Have you sought & by faith, found a Holy Heart? You’ve never lived in a day when it’s more important that you be Up-To-Date with Jesus. Nothing catastrophic may happen to your country (or you personally) in May – yet it may. Get right – – – Stay right. – 5/19/20


“Welcome this chain for Christ’s sake.”

– John Huss [death scenes]

“I would not change my joy for the empire of the world.”

– Philip Sidney, Sir [death scene] quoted by M W Knapp



Look closely and you’ll find it there

Some grown men have a rip, a tear;

Not a planned line with a surgeon’s knife

Nor an unplanned slice by his hunting knife

But a tear jagged and a bit rough

Also unplanned – “sure enough.”

Looking involves more than mere skin

Some of the worst tears are within;

Like the huge tear in his little heart

When Dad and Mom’s marriage “fell” apart

They (the closest kin) separated – sad result.

And sadder for him – he imagined it his fault.

– eab, 5/19/17


Fall in love with Truth. No Book will help you detect a lie better than the Bible. Ask God to give you a spirit of discernment. (I wouldn’t ask Him for the full gift of discernment – it would wear you out – but to discern truth from lies for your immediate needs.) AND, ask God to give you the Holy Spirit who “…will guide you into all truth…”(John 16.13). Christians don’t have to be deceived – not even in this terribly age of media & political lies. – 5/19/20


“God be with you, my children; I have breakfasted with you &

I shall supper with my Lord Jesus Christ this night.”

“Robert Bruce (1554-1631) Presbyterian, Scotland


Pro 23.23

“Buy the truth, and sell it not…”


The roman catholic system is not a denomination – It’s “pope” sees himself as the representative of Christ on earth – No, all Christians are His representatives. They want you to call a priest “father” – Christ said, “…Call no man your father upon the earth…”(Mat 23.9). Catholics have taken million$ for supposedly praying “x” out of purgatory – there’s no such place. They want you to believe Mary had no other children – Mat 13 & Mar 6 name 4 more sons she had. – 5/19/20


It is NOT another denomination – Catholics believe their wafer becomes the body of Christ – how sad & wrong. They have idols – “…We know that an idol is nothing…”(1Co 8.4) & they expect a priest to be single – “A bishop…must be…husband of one wife…”(1Ti 3.2). Never dislike any catholic person. But oppose most of what the catholic system teaches. – 5/19/20


“ ‘Some time’ is the chloroform with which satan drugs

people while he robs them of their souls.”

– M W Knapp

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