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1Co 14.40 +

1Co 14.40

“ Let all things be done decently and in order.”


“If you don’t have a hungering for holiness

you have reason to question your relationship with God!”

– V O Agan


“Women get preached at so much – it seems unfair.” Be honest now; haven’t women been a snare to men with their low neckline, high hemline, & flirtatious eye liner? It’s a pleasure to speak to a woman without having to fight the temptation to look at a part of her body she’s purposely revealing. Be lady-like gals, teach your daughters to dress careful, & encourage your granddaughter when/where you can be to ladies. One more thing, please stand, sit, & walk like a lady. It’s all parts of the whole. – 5/17/20


“The carnal nature is the thing that makes you sore

when you get hurt.”

– T M Anderson



Some call  it Humanity,

Which in all  Reality,

Is the gall of Carnality.

– eab, 5/18/09


Why are Christians drawn to “christian speakers” who believe less than they believe theologically? who aren’t as careful about separation from the world as they are? and whose life lacks depths they view as Biblical? Why do they travel miles to hear, seek autographs, read his books, watch his videos? [I hasten to say there’s a difference between a one-time-curious visit & becoming a fan.] I fear too many have become a follower of “X” because they heard/saw a church/college leader show too much admiration for “said speaker.” Pastor, school official, I can’t urge you too much, be very careful who you “set up.” Pray for discernment – he may, someday, prove a huge disappointment. – 5/21/20


“Whatever the sin-made world happens to be clamoring after at the moment

is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers only the religious product is better.”

– A W Tozer


Mat 4.10

“…Get thee hence, satan: for it is written,

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”


I’ve loved America, have enjoyed driving in 49 states (many of them multiple times) & was always glad to return to her after the several times I crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, or parts thereof. But, hear me – Please hear me – now is not the time for you to become more “patriotic.” Now is the time for you to increase your Loyalty to Heaven & to The Trinity. Christ does not approve of His child dying for some earthly patch of rock, water & soil. But He wants us ready to stand for Him & His eternal Word. Are you? Am I? -5/22/20


“The only protection against compromise is a continual growth in grace.”

– author unknown (Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist?)

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1Co 14.40

“Let all things be done decently and in order.”


Young person – your room (home or in a dorm, etc.) is a reflection of you. Adult – your home is a refection of you. Your yard, farmette, ranch reflects you. And, even your world (i.e. your perception, the way you view the world) is a reflection of the order or disorder of your inner being. God help us all, to see things correctly.

– eab, 3/21/18


“Merchants pronounce their good perfect. Music has…its perfect cord… grammar its perfect tense. Why then should not salvation have its perfect love?

– Wm McDonald, /Double Cure/


The New Testament is here! New tongues (Mar 16.17). There is a New commandment (Joh 19.41). The man in Christ is a New creature (2Co 5.17). There is the New man (Eph 4.24). There’s a New way to live (Heb 10.20). There are multiple “New testaments”/“New covenants,” the coming New heavens, New earth (2Pe 3.13), a New name (Rev 2&3), a New song (Rev 9&14), a wonderful New Jerusalem (Rev 21.2) and “…Behold, I make all things new…” (Rev 21.5) Rejoice. We live in the New Testament!

– eab, 3/22/18



When the undertaker backs his hearse up to your front door

And your body is carried out, to enter it never more,

When in a short while friends gather to weep and lament

At how young you were, or looked, or how quickly you went.

Where will you be, my friend?


When cards are sent to family or life-long married mate

Cementing in memories: year, month, the circled date

When your son reads the obit, the preacher speaks his part

Trying to give each griever hope, to help a saddened heart.

Where will you be, my friend?


When the long black car winds midst the tombs on yonder hill

And parks beside your grave (near Aunt Jane and Uncle Will)

When the man of God says, “dust-to-dust, ashes-to-ashes”

And salty teardrops cling to men and ladies lashes.

Where will you be, my friend?


When the director hands out roses from atop your casket

Or gives your wife, your husband, an especially neat basket

When people file back to cars & leave the grave yard “park”

Going on with life – leaving your life-less body in the dark.

Where will you be, my friend?

– eab, 4/8/16


Luk 18.1

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”


If you had to have a $1000 in a bank (1st National or pink piggy) to pray, there are millions of us who couldn’t talk to God. If you had to a debt free home millions couldn’t pray & I couldn’t have for yrs. If you had to hold a doctorate (or other terminal degree) millions of us would be silent before Him. If you had to popular etc many would be unable to pray. We don’t have to have these. You can pray. Repeat You Can Pray – have you prayed today?

– eab, 4/5/18


“Christians increasingly live on a spiritual island; new and rival ways of life surround it in all directions and their tides come further up the beach every time.”

– C S Lewis, /Reflections on the Psalms/


Was Paul married? Neither of us know but here are 3 reasons I think he may have been. 1) He has so many knowledgeable things to say about marriage & husband/wife roles 2.) Tradition says (I do not know) that Paul was a member of the Sanhedrin; if so he had to be married. 3.) His reference to being “…even as I myself…” (1Co 7.7) must be read in context – “…unmarried & widows…” (v.8) which allows for him to have been married. His wife could’ve died or left him, perhaps when he converted to Christ (?).

– eab, 4/6/18

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