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1Ti 6.20 +

1Ti 6.20

“…Keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane & vain babblings,

& oppositions of science falsely so called.”


“If you would rather have more dollars than more grace

you’re worldly.”

– J Wesley Adcock, source unknown


We believe #1 We believe WHAT we want to believe. God gave you a “Will.” Our are beliefs based on the Good Book? Or, on man’s erring books? Does your belief have anything to do with your eternal destiny? A mistaken Am. history date? No. A mistake in grammar? No. A mistake in science? Maybe. You see, the Bible, our final Authority, doesn’t discuss “history,” since the NT, nor insist on certain grammar (IMO). The Bible, however, clearly states facts about science – some of which, sadly, modern “science” has chosen to oppose. What do you believe? Bible or “science” which? – 7/18/19


“…The road of procrastination will perhaps

take more people there [Hell] than any other single one.”

– J Wesley Adcock, sermon



Your county, your country has many a road

Real Life has only two.

The best one leads up and up

Up way beyond the blue.


This upward trending road’s not “trendy”

And travelers are few in number

But they are one-happy-lot,

Without sin to encumber.


The other road descends progressively down

Ending in a light-less night

(Oh, the awesome contrast with up,

which leads ever into night-less light.)


You may have been a “home-body”

And never left your native vales

But Friend, you’re traveling NOW up or down

Traveling one of these two trails.


The road to the best place looks dull and plain;

That’ll change when death’s on your brow.

Leave oh, leave the glitter, glitzy trail

Friend, I urge you to change NOW.

– eab, July  2016


We believe #2 Genesis, the accurate account of Creation (& beyond), states the “moon” (Gen1.16) is a LIGHT. Period. The prophet Isaiah agrees (13.10, 30.26, 60.19), as does Ezekiel (32.7), AND the Lord Jesus (Mat 24.29, Mar 13.24). Man’s “science” purposely chose to call it a “reflector” (reflect, reflector, reflected, reflecting, reflection are not in the Bible.) Why did man call God’s Light a reflector? A very real possibility is – they, as sun-worshippers, wanted/want to make the sun central. And, if you think all sun-worshippers are dead, start to notice the many sun symbols. Bible or “science” which? – 7/18/19


Rev 6.13

“…The stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,

when she is shaken of a mighty wind.”

We believe #3 Our Lord predicted the stars will fall (Mat 24.29 & Mar 13.25). The Revelation of Jesus Christ tells to where the stars will fall; “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs…”(Rev 6.13). Some so-called “scientists” have told us the stars are bigger than earth, bigger than the sun etc. First, have you asked yourself HOW they “know” this? (Much of what is called astor-physics is built on theory, upon theory.) No man “knows” the stars are huge – The Bible says the stars will fall to the earth so – they are smaller than earth. Bible or “science” which? – 7/18/19



“Mr. Milton tells us of Paradise lost in Eden, but thank God,

the Bible tells us of Paradise regained in Christ!”

– J B McBride


We believe #4 Some reader can say, “I can believe both,” yawn, & try to forget these “silly” eab posts. Friend, God allows us, now, to believe what we want to. Yours truly taught earth science & as I did, I failed to properly see how much God shows His world, in His Book. I’m sorry. In recent years I’ve become more aware (no human sees it all) of the deception of hollywood/disney/some of what’s called “science.” Scripture says satan “…deceiveth the whole world…”(Rev 12.9). The deceiver has not omitted “science.” As believers, I urge you to re-read your Bible, taking it more literally than ever. – 7/18/19


“The sinner has but 1 mind…the carnal mind. He is utterly void of the mind of Christ.

The sanctitied man has but 1 mind, the mind of Christ…The justified man is & can be only the person with 2 minds (double minded)…”

– J B McBride

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William Jennings Bryan was born 3/19/1860, Salem, IL, to Silas Lillard & Mariah Elizabeth (Jennings) Bryan. Silas was a Scotch-Irish, Jacksonian Democrat serving the state senate & later as state circuit judge.  WJB was home schooled to age ten using the Bible & McGuffey Readers, then attended Whipple Academy, & Illinois College (valedictorian) & Union Law College, later part of Northwestern Univ. (Chicago).  Though he attended both a Methodist & a Baptist church in his youth he became a Presbyterian.    

While he prepared for his bar exam he taught high school. In this era he married Mary Elizabeth Baird (10/1/1884), who also became a lawyer (they had two children).  They soon moved to Lincoln, NE where Bryan began his life in politics being elected to the Fifty-second & Fifty-third Congresses (3/4/1891 & 3/3/1895).  He is said to have “electrified” the Democratic Convention (1896) with his speech “Cross of Gold” & was selected as their presidential nominee.  He also ran (unsuccessfully) in 1900 & 1908.

He was Secretary of State under Wilson serving 3/4/1913 – 6/9/1915.  Bryan true to his convictions resigned, disagreeing with Wilson going to war with Germany. Bryan’s defense of the Bible (Scope’s Monkey Trial) was not a show – he believed the Great Book.  Bryan College (Dayton, TN, site of the trial) was erected in his memory. NOTE: Don’t believe all you read about Bryan – his opposition to evolution was/is not popular & makes him a target for pseudo scientists (1Ti 6.20) as they worship “science.” 

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Translation Trouble – 1Ti 6.20             

AV “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called:”

NKJV – O Timothy! Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge   



It could be the NKJV translators are

purposely avoiding naming “science.”

Science (some of it “falsely so called”)

is a leading, false god of this age!

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