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Yesterday my wife and I traveled about 2 hours

to be with the present congregation, people who used to worship there, family, and many friends honoring the retirement of Ray Campbell (he and I graduated from college together) and his good wife Reva from 49 years pastoring the same church in Loveland, OH. It was a nicely planned service (10-12 AM) with a packed house and chairs in the aisle. The speaking from both leadership and long-time attendees was appreciated.

Do you know HOW Reva and Ray met? Being an admirer of old cars (you know, some of which were new when I was young J) the story caught my attention. Reva was driving a ’56 Ford with 3-4 other girls; and Ray and a friend were in a ’49 Olds. One of Reva’s friends dared her to bump the boys’ Olds ahead of them at a stop light. She inched her car up and barely touched their bumper. Naturally the boys got out to inspect the “flirtation” damage. They ended up following that same ’56 Ford as she delivered friends to their homes and then to her home where the guys were invited in. A few days later a “date” occurred and – – – they “lived happily ever-after.”

A policeman was there yesterday to honor Ray as a member of the community and heard about this historic “bumper-car” event before it was his turn to speak. The congregation loved it when he informed Reva that to hit another car with your car is an assault but he went on to say, “Unfortunately for Mr. Campbell the statute of limitation has run out.”

- eab,  8/1/16

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