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“To the great and benevolent Being, who, during the preparation of this work, has sustained a feeble constitution, amidst obstacles and toils, disappointments, infirmities and depression; who has twice borne me and my manuscripts in safety across the Atlantic, and given me strength and resolution to bring the work to a close, I would present the tribute of my most grateful acknowledgments. And if the talent which he entrusted to my care, has not been put to the most profitable use in his service, I hope it has not been “kept laid up in a napkin,” and that any misapplication of it may be graciously forgiven.”


New Haven, 1828                                                        N. WEBSTER.


Noah Webster, An American Dictionary of the English Language (NY: S.Converse, 1828), Preface.


Webster was born this date, 10/16/1758.

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