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Second hand, left-overs. and clothes handed down,

Have all been a part of your life.

Since you agreed to be,

A mate to me,

A poor teacher’s wife.

Second-hand is a thought, at which people frown,

(Antique is a fancy word.)

The left-overs some dread,

– Our daily bread –

Others waste; how absurd!


“Hand-me-down” clothes (despised adjectives to nouns),

You have re-made by the sack.

These three things are not all,

I could recall,

The list would not slack.

Darling, you’re the best mate and mother ’round.

I’m glad you’ve married me,

And became the mother,

(Like no other).

Does one, plus one, make three?

           – eab, 7/73

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