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To humanly count the pointed trees, [1]

Guarding just one cool, Alaskan stream,

Could take a life-time, if you please,

(And t’would be a nightmare – not a dream).


Trees are there whom no man has yet seen,

All awkwardly pointing to the sky,

An odd blend of black, gray, and green,

Silent, except for the wind’s sad cry.


From seedling to youth, to great old age,

They stand rooted in the northern sod,

Of wonders they’re just one more page,

Mute life, glorifying their high God.

                – eab,9/16/06 

[1] Written on west bank, Middle Fork of the  Chandalar River, in Alaska.

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6/20  1867 President Andrew Johnson announced purchase of Alaska.


6/20 1885 A band of Moravian missionaries landed on the AK shores founding the Bethel Mission.  (During their 1st year of mission work among Eskimoes temperatures dropped to -50; their housing was makeshift at best.)


6/20 1977 oil began flowing down the 48” diameter, 800 mile long pipeline from Prudhoe Bay.

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The birch tree gracefully dropped its leaves.

Its neighboring spruce said, “I’ll hold these,”

Holds them as decorations briefly seen,

Golden fragments clinging to evergreen. [1]

                – eab, 9/24/06


[1] Written after Martha noticed leaves on the way to church in North Pole, AK with Andrew/Vonnie and family.

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He is little and small,

Maybe two feet tall.

The hair is blond on his head;

That’s not brown, but its better than red.


He doesn’t talk yet, not very much,

‘Course, that doesn’t make him easy to hush.

His legs are bowed a little bad,

But that just makes him like his dad.


He has some ways that are pretty cute;

One each occasion to suite.

He’s always playing, on the run;

He’s a fine boy.  He’s my son!

                – eab ’65 DEC

 E. Andrew Bryan II was born this date, 7/29/1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He and his family live in Alaska.

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God is a majestic Artist in miles of mountain lands,

God is a marvelous Artist in pebbles or fine “beachy” sands,

God is a magnificent Artist in old virgin towering stands.

Artistry – He defines it, whatever He has in His hands.  -eab, 9/15/06


Written on the bank of the Middle Fork of the Chandalar River, AK, on a “mooseless moose hunt” with EAB II, III, and Max Shelton.

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