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“Apologetic work is so dangerous to one’s faith.

A doctrine never seems dimmer to me than when I have just successfully defended it.”

 C S Lewis is said to have said the above on this date, 9/2/1946.

 Lewis was a great writer.  As a man with a BA in literature and an MA in Biblical literature, I have a lot of respect for him. 

 I would surely characterize him as a thinker.  I see him as a seeker after truth. 

 But – – – Does he, in his own words, call himself an “apologist”?  Or, or is this a label with which some “would be apologist” wishes to dub him?  If he did not title himself with this debatable term no one else should. 

 Christ calls us to proclaim.  TRUtH needs no apology.   


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