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George Abbot was born 10/29/1562.  He was the second of eight scholars at Oxford chosen by King James I to translate the famous Authorized Version (aka KJV).  He worked on the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation.  Later he was appointed Bishop of London, then Archbishop of Canterbury. 

As archbishop, he opposed the King on several occasions, including the Book of Sports (1618) by which King James promoted recreations on Sunday.  He was a Calvinist in theology and supported the simplicity of worship promoted by the Puritans.

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Thomas Tenison was born this date 9/29/1636, near Cambridge, England.  He was a voice for Jesus Christ during the reign of James II.  He served as bishop of Lincoln and archbishop of Canterbury and founded a free library. One source said he was “a strenuous opponent of the Church of Rome.”  Probably the most important thing Tenison did was to found the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (1701).

He passed from this life 12/14/1715 at London.

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The Bible, that most ancient and infallible source of wisdom is the only proper basis for an education.  Its historical authenticity, grammatical influence, mathematical precision, scientific validity and literary forms all prove the truth of the above statement from merely an earth-life view.  Much more important however, are the spiritual lessons of this great Text.

No man can consider himself educated who hasn’t diligently and systematically combed its pages.  Conversely the man who has studied its morals, learned its maxims, and endeavored to follow its pattern of truth has (to the degree in which he devoted himself) received a sound preparation for life, both mortal and immortal.                                                  – Edgar A. Bryan, Publishing Bible Reading Charts since 1986


Two men, centuries apart, were associated with the Holy Scriptures and with this date, July 9.

7/9 Stephen Langton died 1228.  He was the Archbishop of Canterbury and formulated the Bible into chapter divisions (except the Psalms) in the late 1100s.  He is thought to have been born c.1155.

7/9 Samuel Hill was born 1868.  He was one of the founders of the Gideons.  The Gideons distributes Bibles to businessmen and they place the Bibles/New Testaments in hotels, schools, prisons, etc. in American and around the world.  Only heaven will reveal the good these Bibles have done.

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