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Are you growing?

I’d guess 90+ percent of readers of my posts (separateholy.wordpress.com fb, google+) consider yourself a “christian.” That is a serious claim. Being a christian does not consist of 1.) Having parents who were “christians” when you were born 2.) Having been baptized (once/twice) 3.) Having joined a church 4.) Having a “head belief” that Jesus Christ was an historical Character. True Christians have been Born Again (Joh 3.7). That’s the beginning. Growth comes next (similar to physical childhood). Read the Bible, a Terrific Instruction Manual; be willing to increase in area “A,” decrease in “B,” cease and desist in another area. OK? Christ’s invitation to “Follow Me” (Mat 4.19) is rich and rewarding AND brings change/growth.

– eab, 3/21/17

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