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King James on 2/10/1604 authorized an English Bible translation.  By 1607 the teams were ready & by 1611 the Authorized Bible was complete. More people are in heaven because of this Bible than ANY other!

A little about the man – he was born 6/19/1566, became King James VI of Scotland, 7/24/1567 and King James I of England, 7/25/1603. He married Anne of Denmark (11/24/1589); they had 3 sons & 5 daughters & unlike many kings/presidents (L) is not known to have had any other sexual partner. 

James was a most intellectual king, being influent in Greek, Latin & French. He wrote more books than any other reigning monarch. Partial list includes: a private Translation of Psalms, Commentary on Revelation, Devotional series on the Lord’s Prayer, Demonology (identifying witch powers with demon possession), The Essays of a Prentice in the Divine Art of Poesy, His Majesties Poetical Exercises at Vacant Hours, Basilikon Doron, & “A Counterblast to Tobacco”(1604) an essay attacking smoking. His books exposing demons & smoking help explain the enmity (in addition to the KJV) which has been stirred against him.

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King James of England on this date, 2/10/1604 authorized an English Bible translation, (completed 1611) known today as the Authorized Version or in the vernacular the KJV.  This beautiful Text has passed the test of four centuries.  (It has its enemies – check out their lives, propensities and agenda before joining their anti-AV bias.) 

The AV is the Classic English Text of God’s Word.

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