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Be content

“…I have learned…to be content” Php 4.11. Content with the color of my hair, skin, nails, etc. Content with my “station in life.” Content with my amount of money. Content with my age. These contentments would save thousands of dollars (millions?) AND make you (& those around you) so much happier. 🙂

– eab, 2/5/16

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Be Content

The Almighty always good, and wise God

Really knows what each of us can handle.

One has so many talents; he’ an odd

Chandelier. Others a single candle.

The many-talented guy has a place

In some great hall swung from the high beam joint,

But more single candles come face to face

With student/scholar seeking the “fine point.”

You’re a chandelier? Scorn not a brother

Who’s a lone glowing candle on yon shelf

You’re one candle? Don’t seek to be other;

Shine brightly in your domain – be yourself.

– eab, 9/9/16

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It is not always carnal

to want X, Y, Z, but unless you are disciplined, it can lead to financial discontent and weaken you spiritually. BE CONTENT.

Your food will taste better, your clothing “fit” better, and your shelter seem better if/when you learn to BE CONTENT. 

Merchants and salesmen have so little power over you when you walk away, smiling, without their “middling, temporary fix” BECAUSE you are CONTENT.

– eab, 2/6/16

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