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BEST o’ the Best

“Who do you work for?” *The Rich One on the Hill*

“How does He pay?”   *Very well*

Worked for Him long?” *Since the night He rescued me*

“Do you expect to work for Him a long time?” *Till I die*

“What kind of other people word for Him?” *The best kind*

“Are you happy in His employment?”   *Never been happier in my life*

“Would you ‘hire in’ again?”   *Yes, oh, yes*

“How does He treat you?”   *Like a son! We’re one big happy family*

“What are the working conditions?”   *He supplies every need*

“Would you recommend your Employer to others?” *Absolutely*

“Recon’ I can get on there?”   *Believe so*

“Oh – – – are there retirement benefits?” *YES, they’re out of this world*

– eab, 11/17/16

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