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“My heart is so united to this people, that I find it very hard to leave this place.  I never was among a more kinf andloving people than those in our Society at Edinburgh.  Many a happy and edifying hour, have I spent among them.  Many a time has my soul been blessed in answer to their prayers, both inpublic and in private.  May theLord continue tofavour them with his presence, andreward them for all theirkindness to me.”

     – the above is a quote from Joseph Benson after working in Edinburgh for three years.

Joseph Benson died this date, 2/16/1821, at London, England.  He was born in Melmerdy, County of Cumberland, England, 1/25/1748.

The name Benson lives primarily because of his Bible commentary.  The Methodist Conference (1808), by vote, requested him to write it.  It was finished in 1818. It is reported that many days he worked on it from five AM till eleven PM.  One source sees it as a “monument of his piety, an extensive biblical knowledge, as well as of his general erudition.”

It is reported that a day or two before death, Adam Clarke came to visit. Clarke said to Benton, “Well, sir, you are not far from the Kingdom of God.” “I am not only not far from the Kingdom of God, but I am sure of finding God in that Kingdom,” was Benton’s reply.

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