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The Bible Stands


The Bible stands like a rock undaunted
’Mid the raging storms of time;
Its pages burn with the truth eternal,
And they glow with a light sublime.


The Bible stands though the hills may tumble,
It will firmly stand when the earth shall crumble;
I will plant my feet on its firm foundation,
For the Bible stands.

2. The Bible stands like a mountain towering
Far above the works of men;
Its truth by none ever was refuted,
And destroy it they never can.

3. The Bible stands and it will forever,
When the world has passed away;
By inspiration it has been given,
All its precepts I will obey.

4. The Bible stands every test we give it,
For its Author is divine;
By grace alone I expect to live it,
And to prove and to make it mine.

Haldor Lillenas died this date 8/18/1959 at Aspen, Colorado. Lillenas (born 11/19/1885, on Stord Island, Norway) emigrated to the States with his family who settled in Colton, South Dakota.  Later they moved on to Oregon.

He attended Deets Pacific Bible College in Los Angeles, CA (later named Pasadena College) and afterward studied music at the Siegel-Myers School of Music in Chicago, Illinois.  He was given an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Olivet Nazarene College.

His first pastorate was in Lompoc, California in 1910; he later pastored in Redlands, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana.  He founded Lillenas Music Company (1924).  After the Nazarene Publishing Company bought it (1930) he worked there as an editor.  He retired in 1950.

Haldor married Bertha Mae Wilson, who was also a songwriter.  He and Bertha were elders in the Nazarene Church,  He is said to have written some 4,000 hymns and songs.

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