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In the mid 80s the state of Nebraska put 7 fathers in jail in Louisville because they had their children in an ACE school. Hundreds of Christian men converged to protest and show support. After being there in December I was returning in January driving my b-n-l’s Plymouth Horizon. In a section of Kansas City where I-70 had 4 west-bound lanes a semi was in lane 3 and I was lane 2 (to his right) slowly passing him. (As I later realized, I was too long in his blind spot.) I heard his engine get louder and all-of-a-sudden his large front bumper hooked in the left rear wheel-well of the Horizon and swung me around in front of his huge tractor. As I swung I was facing the middle concrete barrier and I distinctly thought “this may be it” i.e. that I was about to die.

Two “miracles” prevented death. 1) The truck and I stayed connected so I didn’t go flying into that wall. But he was pushing me side-ways down I-70 at some 50 mph. 2) The second “miracle” was that he didn’t run over me. This second (if not both) was definitely of God. East of KC the roads had been dry but for a stretch, my accident stretch, there was a fine snow falling. It was enough to make the road slick – the tires could be scooted sideways. The trucker saw me and immediately started slowing, pushing me ahead of him. We came to a complete stop mid lanes with his grill just outside my driver side window. I cut off my engine. The man with me climbed out the passenger side, I climbed over the center and out the same door. The trucker climbed down from his seat and we waited the police. When all was clear I started the car again. There was no broken window glass (just the side mirror) and all tires were OK. We straightened the Horizon out into one of the lanes and headed west again.

Not far west of KC the roads were dry again. Thank God for His mercy – – – even in Blind Spots.

eab, 5/3/16

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