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The human body, strong, yet surprisingly fragile, lives a God-designated period of time on earth and dies. The brain which the body hosted also dies, sometimes with, sometimes before the body disintegrates. The soul, by most solemn contrast, never dies. These three arguably began their existence at the same time, but when the first two have a terminal point on earth the soul moves beyond this “partnership” to live forever outside earth’s limited borders.

– eab, 4/6/17

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The human body is a fantastically complicated “machine” (millions of parts, moving and non-moving, all alive) which “houses” as part of it, and in some ways separate from it, the brain. The brain is host to the mind which is capable of approaching a nearly unlimited imagination. And the body/brain duo (compatible and yet somewhat incomparable) mysteriously “harbors” the deathless, developing, divinely-linked “item” we call the SOUL. All God’s creation!

– eab, 4/8/17

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Your body which once skipped and ran,

Has slowed down now to a walk

Your brain which once surged with ideas

Has leveled to more reasonable talk.

But your Soul, once your last concern,

Has grown, ah, has learned to discern

Between the mere chaff,

(Good for a moment’s laugh)

And that which souls need to eat

The true substance, True wheat.

– eab, 3/1/17

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Some men train their bodies well,

Have so much muscular tone,

Have such inward strength of bone,

Fame then comes to briefly dwell,

Because of physic alone.


Some men develop their mind,

Have a grasp of tongues of old,

Have mathematics in their hold,

Fame visits; leaves them behind.

In its search for brains more bold.


Few men make soul growth a goal,

Have a hungering for God,

Have a craving for His nod,

To Him daily bring their soul,

Seek no fame – and are thought odd.

– eab, 12/14/07

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The body with which God endowed you,

Is really just so much neat meat.

Eyes and ears and elbows have value,

Each performing an elite feat.

But don’t worship this small temple of yours,

Because you, your neighbor in a “heat,” beat.  -eab,  1/23/03


Written at Gospel Center, Phoenix, Arizona

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