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Haldor Lillenas, Nazarene’s Greatest Song Writer, was born 11/19/1885 on the Island of Stord, Norway.

Lillenas emigrated to US with his family which settled first in South Dakota, then moved to Oregon.  Raised Lutheran he was converted to Christ at 21 in the Penial Mission in Portland. He attended Deets Pacific Bible College (renamed Pasadena College) and later studied music at Siegel-Myers School of Music (Chicago).  He pastured in Lompoc and Redlands, California, and in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 1924, he founded the Lillenas Music Company (bought by Nazarene Publishing Company, 1930) and worked as an editor there until his retirement in 1950.

Haldor married Bertha Mae Wilson, a songwriter like himself.  He was an elder in the Church of the Nazarene.  He died 8/18/1959 at Aspen, CO.  Lillenas penned nearly 4,000 Gospel songs including:

“It Is Glory Just to Walk With Him”

“Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace”

“Wonderful Grace of Jesus”

“Jesus Has Lifted Me”

“My Wonderful Lord”

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