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 “You can be so sanctified that everyone around you is getting blessed, you aren’t, but it OK.  Or you can be the only one getting blessed and you do not deride them for not being as blessed as you are.”  – (This is an essence of Frederick’s idea – in Bryan’s words.) 

 C. Ponder Frederick died this date, 2/17/1977.  He was born 6/3/1931 in West Blockton, AL.  He was married to Joyce Abernathy and the father of Sheila, Stephen, Larry, and Kendall.  Frederick was an early professor and one time board member of Hobe Sound Bible College. 

Very few men I have known, equaled him in living the holy life.

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“Walking in the light, or balking in the light?”

          – The above is a great question from a sermon of C. Ponder Frederick.

C. Ponder Frederick was born 6/3/1931, at West Blockton, Alabama. 

He and his nice wife Joyce had four children.  Frederick was on the board of, and later a professor at, Hobe Sound Bible College.  He was a Bible Methodist.  The late respected Stanley Kendall said of him, “A godlier man I never knew.”

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