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Alexander Cruden was born 11/1/1699 (‘70?) in Scotland.  He prepared to study for the ministry but suffered mental breakdowns (briefly confined to an asylum:1720, 1738 & 1753).  Between hospitalizations Cruden worked as a tutor, a bookseller and a proofreader.

He opened his own bookshop in London in 1732.  In 1737 he published the first edition of his classic work, A Complete Concordance of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; published two more editions before his death.

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3/15 Robert Murray McCheyne on this day (1839) is said to have written the following in a letter,

“All my ideas of peace and joy are linked in with my Bible; and I would not give the hours of secret converse with it for all the other hours I spend in this world.” 

McCheyne was born in Scotland in 1813.

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