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If a    Dentist had been swallowed by the whale

– he’d looked at the teeth,

Botanist – studied whale’s food,

Zoologist – would have studied whale’s construction,

an Evolutionist – looked for similarity,

an Ecologist – examined the odor,

an Author – written up the account (on the spot),


          a Backslidden preacher Prayed.                                                 

  – eab, 5/85

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Heather Colwell Bryan’s the name.

If that seems odd, Dad and Mom are to blame.

Heather is some kind of wild flower, I guess,

To be a botanist, you see, I don’t profess,

But that’s what they call me, just the same.


Colwell I know a bit more about;

Pop’s Mom was one, that much I’ve found out.

Good people, those Colwells;

Though some I’ve not met.

The girls changed their name (Uncle John hasn’t yet.)

Believe I’ll keep mine, for all of life’s route.


My last name’s just like William Jennings Bryan.

(All three would be, if I’d been a boy – no lyin’.)

So there you have it, my names complete,

Until at the altar (D.V.) my husband I meet.

And that’s too far away now for sighin’ and cryin’.

Tweet, tweet.                            -eab, 3/20/1975



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