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ON  2/ 29/ 1948

Richard Wurmbrand was arrested 2/29/1948. He was a Lutheran pastor on his way to church this Lord’s Day. A black sedan pulled up beside him, all 4 doors opened & 4 men put him in the car. In prison he was labeled ‘Prisoner Number 1.’ All told, he spend 14 yrs in Romanian, Communist prisons (cataloged under a false name to hide him) – 3 yrs in solitary confinement cell 12’ underground without light or window. 

He was born 3/24/1909, youngest of 4 Jewish brothers in Bucharest, Romania. He became fluent in 9 languages, was active in leftist politics & was a stockbroker.  On 10/26/1936 he wed Sabina (who herself was imprisoned 3 yrs) – they had a son, Mihai.  They were converted to Christ (1938) mainly because of a German carpenter, Christian Wolfkes. 1945-47, Richard distributed 1 million Gospels to Russian troops.

His imprisonment included being chilled (like a walk-in cooler) then brought out & beaten.  After being released & “ransomed” ($10K) he made his way to England & eventually to US, where he testified before a committee of the Senate & showed them his 18 deep torture wounds.  It was after this he spoke at IHC, then held at God’s Bible School where I heard him in person.  This author of 18+ books died 2/17/2001.


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