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“I preach what I felt and what I smartingly did feel;

even under that which my poor soul did groan and tremble to astonishment.”

            – John Bunyan             


John Bunyan died this date 8/31/1688 at London, England.  He was born at Elstow (near Bedford) in November of 1628.  He married in 1648 but she (uncertain of name) died.  He later (1655) married Elizabeth.  Bunyan was the father of six children.


As is well known, he was imprisoned several times between 1660 – 1672.  His jail time became his writing time, and though moderns can be sorry England jailed him, we can be glad he used his time to write such great material.


Bunyan penned Some Gospel Truths Opened (1656), Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (1666), Pilgrim’s Progress (1678), and Holy War (1682).  His classic (a true term here, if ever it is true) Pilgrim’s Progress has had an unknown number of printings.  It is said to be been early translated into 70 languages!  No book, except the Bible, was more widely read in its day.


Have you READER, read Pilgrim’s Progress?  If you have not, you are not fully educated, though you hold a Ph.D.

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