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Carl McIntire was born oldest of 4 children, 5/17/1906, to Charles Curtis McIntire (Presbyterian pastor) & Hettie Hutchkin McIntire (yrs later, dean of women at Southeastern Oklahoma State U.) at Ypsilanti, MI.

He graduated from Park College (Parkville, MO), attended Princeton University Seminary where he met & admired the famous J. Gresham Machen, & graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary (‘31). The same year he married Fairy Eunice Davis (of Paris, TX).  She died in 1992, & he married Alice Goff.

McIntire joined Machen in the formation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in ’36 but following his death, McIntire founded the Bible Presbyterian Church, a fundamentalist answer to the drift in his native church.  On the positive side the new denomination was anti-communist, anti-Roman Catholic & opposed the use of tobacco & alcohol.  On the negative side they were heavily influenced by the Schofield Study Bible (think “J.Darby”) & too open to political involvement (neither is supported by full reading of the NT).

In ‘41 McIntire helped found the American Council of Churches; opposing left-leaning National Council of Churches & in ‘48 he helped form the International Council of Christian Churches; opposing the World Council of Churches; both moves in the right direction. When the obnoxious “Revised Standard Version” appeared in ’52 McIntire opposed it with “Back to the Bible” rallies.  He also helped start Shelton College, Faith Theological Seminary, a paper “Christian Beacon” & had a large radio audience.  He died 3/19/2002.

It is to H E Schmul’s credit that he brought in Carl McIntire to address the Inter-church Holiness Convention (IHC), then held at God’s Bible School; I heard Carl McIntire in person. 

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