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The devil can’t attack God

(God kicked him out of heaven), he can’t attack the Son he tried (when Christ was on earth) and was Biblically repulsed, nor can he attack the Holy Spirit; he’s no match for our Triune God. So, what can satan attack? God’s instruction Book about how we can be born again, and live with Him eternally. 1.) The devil’s men tried to burn the Bible in bye-gone-days. That didn’t work. 2.) The devil and his cohorts tried to ban the Bible. That has not worked. 3.) So – – – since 1881 satan and “scholars” have produced mutilated “bibles.” (Must have 10% change to get copyright.) The NIV & ESV, for example (according to sources) have at least 45 whole verses missing. Sadly this IS working in some Bible colleges. A seminary or university convinces pupils X new “bible” is OK and they teach this as truth in Bible colleges – the very heart of the Bible college is being thwarted by these devil-inspired “bibles.” [1]

[1] Doubters need to read about Westcott & Hort beliefs: praying to Mary, purgatory, & not believing in miracles, for starters.

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