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William Ashley “Billy” Sunday died 11/6/1935 at Chicago.  He was orphaned during the Civil War (born 11/19/1862), played major league baseball at Chicago, Pittsburgh & Philadelphia (1883-1891), was converted to Christ (1886) at the Pacific Garden Mission.  He worked for the Chicago Y.M.C.A. 1891-1893.

In 1903 he was ordained by the Presbyterians and spent his remaining years as an evangelist.  “Fiery” “conservative” “dramatic” and “unconventional” are words used to describe his preaching.  It is believed that more than 100 million heard him and some 300,000 became Christians.

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William Ashley “Billy” Sunday died this date, 11/6/1935 at Chicago.  Billy was orphaned during the uncivil war then became a professial ball player (1883 to 1891) playing major league baseball for Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  He was converted to Christ (1886) at the Pacific Garden Mission, quit baseball and worked for the Chicago Y.M.C.A. He was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry (1903) and spent his last years as a fiery, conservative preacher, dramatic and unconventional.  He is said to have spoken to 100 million.  Billy was born 11/19/1862, Ames, Iowa.

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