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All human enemies of God are enemies by THEIR choice, not His. -11/28/14

Every sinner (once he’s heard from Jesus) is a sinner by choice.

Every saint is a saint by choice and stays a saint by continuing to follow Jesus.  

  • eab, 5/14/16

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My heart can be in tune with this Age of corruption


My heart can be in tune with the Ageless perfection.

Not Both!

– eab, 6/26/10

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God has allowed weak, whimsical man a choice:

     In his Work (job hiring)

     In his Wife

     In his Wigwam

Surely He allows him a “yes” or “no”   

In his Eternal Welfare!      

– eab, 10/30/06

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Are You Serving?

We serve God by choice or

      we don’t serve Him at all.  – 5/21/08

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