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Christ did not die that men be religious.

Christ died that men may be sinlessly righteous.

If you are sinning you are living on the level of a sinner and below the level of a Christian.

– eab, 11/17/14

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Christ died


to remove pride (BIG part of carnal nature).


Why does man love his pride



when God hates PRIDE?

– eab, 8/7/09


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A rock and a tree are side by side,

The one alive, the other never died.

The one trim and tall, the other squat,

One “changeless,” the other will rot.

The one was here when Adam was here,

When human’s first sin brought the first stinging tear.

It felt the lap of The Flood in its face,

And knew earth’s tremor, when Christ died in disgrace.   -eab, 11/77


Written while pastoring Christ Chruch-Bible Methodist, Friendsville, Tennessee

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