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The eternal Son,


newly born


– eab, 12/10/10

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“Bah!” “Humbug,” and “Scrooge” are all readily recognized words anytime of year, but especially in December.  And, for good reason – as they are connected to a work called A Christmas Carol


Charles Dickens on this date, 12/19/1843, had published A Christmas Carol (publishers: Chapman and Hall), what is in literature known as a novella (nō vel’ lä).  One source says he didn’t start it until in October of that year and did not finish it until the early days of December.  Dickens divided his story, in line with his title, into five stanzas or what most would label chapters.


Scrooge, his main character, has a biblical word of his first name, Ebenezer.  And though A Christmas Carol is not a Christian story as such, it seems to have helped make readers/hearers less selfish on and near Christmas.  Two fellow writers, Robert Louis Stevenson and Thomas Carlyle, both seem to have been more give to generiosity after the story appeared.  Reportedly as a result of it, a Boston manufacturer closed his factory for Christmas Day and gave a turkey to each employee.  Even the queen of Norway, later, is said to have given gifts to some crippled children marked “With Tiny Tim’s Love.”


A Christmas Carol is still popular and is reported to have never gone out of print.

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Christmas is more than an attitude,

            It is an awesome, appreciated action.

Christmas is more than a beatitude,

            It is a bountiful baptism of Blessing.

Christmas is more than commerce,

            It is the Christ child, commencing.

Christmas is more than a diversion,

            It is a Divine, daring Donation.

Christmas is more than an event,

            It is the encouraging entry to Eternity.

Christmas is more than a folly,

            It is the final fulfillment of Fidelity.

Christmas is more than genteelment,

            It is the grand Goodness of glory.

Christmas is more than holly,

            It is a hallowed, Holy harmony.

Christmas is more than an incident,

            It is an including, impelling Invitation.

Christmas is more than jolliness,

            It is Joseph with Jesus, journeying.

Christmas is more than a kaleidoscope,

            It is the kindly, knowledgeable King.

Christmas is more than lovely,

            It is a lighting, lifting, life-Love.

Christmas is more than monumental,

            It is multitudes of millennia moving.

Christmas is more than a nicety,

            It is a need, now and never ending.

Christmas is more than official,

            It is One, omnipotent Offering.

Christmas is more than perennial,

            It is a precious, personal Presentation.

Christmas is more than quantity,

            It is the quiet quintessence of Quality.

Christmas is more than a roast-corn rope,

            It is the Right, revealed religiously.

Christmas is more than a sensation,

            It is Salvation for souls in sincerity.

Christmas is more than tinsel,

            It is Triumph, truly and totally.

Christmas is more than the unusual,

            It is the unprecedented, urgent Union.

Christmas is more than a vacation,

            It is a vicarious Victory of valuing.

Christmas is more than wanting,

            It is a wandering world wondering.

Christmas is more than a xylophone,

            It is a xiphod, xyster, xenium.

Christmas is more than yearning,

            It is the yielding of a yeanling, you.

Christmas is more than a zest zone,

            It is the zenith of zeal in Zion.

Christmas is more than an Alphabet,

            It is Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the Ending.

                        – eab, 12/4&5/76


Penned while pastoring Christ Church and working with Christ College in Friendsville, Tennessee.

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Let a big drift so softly sift

Its way between the streets.

Let rain come down, all over town,

In blowing, whited sheets.

Let sleet and hail not one time fail

To come when they desired.

Why so adjure the weather?

I’m a postman that’s retired. [1]


May Dobermans make lanes their runs

And jump on every man.

May German sheps plague the back steps

Of white and blue marked vans.

May Saint Bernards and Great Danes charge

The walker most admired,

Cause I’m no longer out there –

I’m a postman that’s retired.


“I didn’t get my first class yet.”

“But I don’t know their zip.”

“Of course, I’m mad, I know it had

A…a stamp.”  Oh loud lip!

“You’re late again; it’s a big sin

This wage at which you’re hired!”

Their gripes I’ll no more endure –

Tell the next man.  I’m retired.


Here comes the first, with its date cursed

By mailings once a month.

Here comes junk mail, the annual sale,

Bulk printings by the “tonth.”

And the season with the reason,

To dislike cards inspired.

Ah, it bothers me not;

Not this Christmas, I’ve just retired. -eab 11/24/85  

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