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I do not recall just what year;

It had to be after the grades,

Somewhere between the freshman fear

And being a senior with “shades.” [1]


Nor is the season clearly in mind,

Though a long-time favorite is fall.

The day was more “springish” in kind

As I now, distantly, recall.   


And, spring-like weather can be spread

Across April and May and June,

So the month must be left unsaid,

No exact one can “carry this tune.”


Nor do I know the day of week,

Though I doubt it a Lord’s Day,

And it won’t help to “take a peek,”

At a calendar that far away.


Year, nor season, nor month is known,

I can’t even tell you the hour.

But the moment, though “ancient” grown,

Has not fully lost its power.


I can take you to the outcropped hill,

Which basically faced the west,

 – If developers have left it still;

I doubt they have bulldozed that crest.


Bear right and climb above the trail,

Sit still in the late afternoon sun,

Be willing to let the mind “sail”

Meaningfully, slowly – don’t make it run.


Look beyond the nearest old home,

And beyond the farthest old hill,

Allowing thoughts (as I did) to roam,

And a wandering wonder may fill


Your mind as it did mine, “back when”

In a moment of maturing.

Life had new thrill and meaning just then,

Briefly, yet decades enduring.


Vision I did not feel nor see,

Nor did my mind have dreams,

Yet living took on new life for me,

The day I saw “more than it seems.”


I’ve never forgotten the thrill,

Caught on that Cincinnati hill.

                – eab, 10/13/05 


[1] Term from the 60’s for sunglasses.

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