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David Livingstone’s body (minus his heart) was buried this date,

4/18/1874, in that burial place of British greats, Westminster Abbey.

His heart had been (wisely) buried over ten months before in his

beloved Africa, after one of his servants found him dead on his knees. 

Tradition has it that his African friends carried his heartless body

(bent double at the waist) to the coast, where a ship brought it back to



Dr. Livingston penned Missionary Travels and Researches in South

Africa (1857).  Very few men (perhaps none?) have left behind greater

stories of physical exploits across more unexplored miles, combined

with spiritual exploits for unredeemed men.


It is said that his brother, many years before, had tried to discourage

David from throwing away his life;  He could stay in England and be

somebody.  What is that brother’s name?  Few know, or frankly, care –

today he is simply known as – – – David Livingstone’s brother.

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