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No one compromises unless they WANT to –

No one.

– eab, 1/28/12

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Compromise (in Salvation) is a disease.

It is highly contagious

Avoid compromise as you would The Black Plague.

(AND – praise God, we can avoid it!)

– eab, 12/31/11

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What word is delightfully Right and horribly Wrong – depending on the context?


So Right between you and your life Mate;

so Wrong between you and your loving Maker.

eab, 10/13/14

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Compromise (perceived or real)



GRATES on the Carnal heart




GRIEVES the Holy heart.

–  eab, 7/15/09

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We will come to God’s Promise,


Or we will Compromise!

                – eab, 3/18/10

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Accepting what used to be exceptions


                    = Compromise.

– 6/3/09

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The devil tried to compromise the Living Word (Christ)

                              – when he couldn’t he crucified Him.


The devil tried to destroy the Written Word (Bible)

                     – when he couldn’t he diluted It.2/28/09

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