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Counterfeit money has “this” or “that” feature, enough to fool most of us. It has colors like real money. It has numbers as real money. It is passed-off as real money. But if you hand a fake “twenty” over and a clerk rejects it, you just lost $20. There are false religions with “this” or “that” feature and they’re fooling many. They have the appearance of the real. They are passed-off as real. But when life ends and the angel rejects your spurious “religion,” you did not just lose a twenty – – – you lost your never-dying soul!

– eab, May 2017

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You’ve known me Lord, since before my birth,

You know every step taken on smooth or rough earth,

You know God my true assessed worth,

You know my dryness, my souls dearth.

I plead, do with me as You will.


Search, O Savior this heart of mine,

From all evil it un-entwine,

Make my heart now wholly, always Thine.

Allow me to fully with Divinity combine,

With holiness and pure fire my soul fill.


Keep me forever from the counterfeit,

Let my path be eternally lit,

Till at last I, in heaven humbly sit,

All by your mercy – every whit!

Help me take from You every strong pill.

                – eab, 11/19/08

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