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The children of Jacob were bent making bricks.

Pharaoh, satan’s type, was up to his old tricks.

Goshen had looked good when they first came down.

Sins always shows its laughter before its grim frown.


Then God heard their cry; deliverance soon came.

Broken were the shackles, gone was the shame.

The approach to the Sea had its crisis hour;

But God saw them through (and He will you!)

With His mighty power.

                – eab, 10/99

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In geography

It is very plain to see,

A wedge of rock and soil stands between

The old land they knew,

And the one they’re going to.

Observing this is neither cold or mean.


There’s a Red Sea and there’s a river,

They both are to deliver

The walkers, who walk through their lines,

Each saw a crisis hour,

Each represents its power.

That crossing over forever defines.  –eab, 10/99

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