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Is your patience ever thinning?

Almost, if not actually, sinning?

Has grouchiness replaced your happy song?

Do your neighbors really try you,

‘Specially the ones too nigh you?

Frankly, you wish they’d just “move along.”


Do you see you are “justly” proud,

(Though hesitant to say it too loud)

Of your clever, cool, and cunningly big brain?

Proud of how smart you really are,

(Smarter than your family – by far,

Being ‘round them has become a big drain.)


Do you find your soul quite jealous,

Of your brother-n-law who’s zealous

In his sales, and has made “a nice big pile”?

Does bile fill your carnal liver,

When he shows you his new “flivver,”

And you both know yours is a forced smile?


Has old carnal anger got you,

To the verge of murder now brought you? 

Oh! If you could just this once commit it.

You won’t shed a tear when they die,

To say you’re sad would be a lie,

Anger’s got you will you admit it?


Your are “nice” – if you have your way.

(“They should listen to all that I say.”)

But to be stubborn you would not lay claim.

You solemnly, sensibly fight,

(Everyone should know this is right.)

“Right” and your opinion are the same.


God can remove the carnal traits,

Love can replace the long list of hates.

Love is the most universal power. 

You may have a trait or just two,

Which flare and show readily through,

But behind them, all traits now cower.


Although “the order” seems so tall, 

The Holy Ghost can remove them all,

Pull them, like you remove unwanted weeds.

(Weeds that ruin your garden’s art)

God like-wise can “de-weed” your heart,

Cleaning out evil motives and deeds.


Confess the whole, cruel, carnal host,

Now allow the blessed Holy Ghost,

To remove Adam’s fully bad, sad “crew.”

God can then fill that empty place,

With such abundant loving grace,

His ancient love will make your heart new.


Come, Friend, accept His promised love.

It is why He came from heaven above;

Love’s what brought the Lord Jesus way down here.

Freely become His holy child;

You’ll fine His ways both meek and mild.

And Love’s the sole way to go up there!  – eab, 2/8/06 (revised 2/23/06)

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