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Dad and Mom were married May 10, 1927.

My older sister was born in ’30, my other sister in ‘32, and my brother in ’36. Somewhere in the late 30’s Dad’s affections wandered. He divorced Mom and married a woman I’ve only known as Kate. While living in PA (he was afraid to be in OH because of lack of child-support) Dad said he could weld which was a lie (later became a good welder), was found out and fired. He never stated it this way but probably between knowing he was living in adultery, knowing he was guilty of neglect to Mom and his kids, and now with the firing he decided he’d commit suicide. He always liked trains and thought the way to “end it all” (What a satanic lie!) was to step in front of a fast freight. Somewhere near or beside the tracks God spoke to him (as far as Dad was concerned, audibly) and said, “If you do you’ll go straight to hell.” Dad, who had been saved in a Methodist church at 17, recognized His voice and said, “If You’ll take me back I’ll serve you as long as I have breath.” He went to where Kate was, told he he’d support but could not live with her. Across some time he made overtures back to Mom and they were re-married in ‘41. Yours truly is a product of their second marriage.

– eab, May, 2016

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