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Dad’s Birthday, 112 yrs ago

Today was dad’s birthday, 2/5/1904, second & last son of Charles Edgar “Ed” Bryan & Bertha Powers Bryan. He grew up hunting, trapped, doing farm work, & ice skating in addition to school. He rode an “Interurban,” (train/streetcar on rails, from one berg to the next) & never lost his love for trains.

By the time I was born he was 39 & had had 3 broken legs. He never played ball with me, took me fishing or hunting but I learned to work by his side. When pushing a wheelbarrow as a kid it became a “truck” & I made mouth sounds, which to my childish ear, were rumbles of a Mack-in-motion. Once he said (regarding my sounds), “If you’re going to work, work if you’re going to play, play.” It didn’t anger me or hurt though honestly it was a mark against him being a “Perfect Dad.” But he was a good dad to me. We spent many hours together. Never once did I fear anything abusive, let alone endure it.

After his passing I found myself saying, “My dad used to say…” Loved you, Dad. Bless your memory

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