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Daniel Sidney Warner was born, 6/25/1842, Bristol (now Marshallville), OH, the 5th of 6 children of David & Leah Warner.  Sadly David ran a tavern but Leah (Pennsylvania Dutch background) was more virtuous. DS was born again February 1865, attended Oberlein College, taught school & preached his 1st sermon, 1867 on “Resurrection Morning” (Act 13.18).  He did evangelism 6 years & 2 years mission work in NE. 

In October 1867 he married Tamzen Ann Kerr – she died after the birth of still-born triplets, May 1872. He married Sarah Keller, 6/4/1874 but she divorced him in 1890, first kept, then returned to him his only child to survive childhood (named Daniel), remarried, & died in 1893. DS, who didn’t believe he should marry (while Sarah lived), some months later married Francis Miller.   

On 7/6/1877 he was sanctified, a work he had earlier rejected. The group he was with brought charges against him (9/15/1877) for associating with the “holiness movement” & on 1/30/1878 expelled him, probably for espousing & preaching “sanctification.” In 1879 he published “The Herald of Gospel Freedom” (became “The Gospel Trumpet”).  His book, Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace was published (1880).  He helped start the Church of God Anderson. He wrote some 185 songs, including:

Who will suffer with the Savior, Take the little that remains

Of the cup of tribulation Jesus drank in dying pain?


Lord, we fellowship Thy passion, Gladly suffer shame and loss;

With Thy blessing pain is pleasure, We will glory in Thy cross.

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